5 Things to Consider When Starting an Aerial Photography Company

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freeimages.co.uk buildingsAerial photography has opened new business avenues for both established and budding photographers and entrepreneurs. Top of the range drones which were once only within the reach of the film industry and large media outlets are now accessible without a large investment. This advancement in technology has lowered the entry barrier to a market that was once exclusive to the wealthier in society. However before diving into the business right away, there are a few things you should consider if you too wish to venture into an aerial photography business.

  1. Costs involved in purchase and maintenance of drones:

Like regular photography requires investment in cameras and lenses, aerial photography requires an investment in drones. It is important to research well about the type of drones available in the market and be sure how you plan to use them and what their capabilities are. What other accessories will be required? Get a clear understanding of the cost of the drones and associated accessories. Also know how many drones you will require. Do find out how frequently the drones require to be serviced and what the corresponding costs are. Most start out with one the best GoPro drones due to their flexibity in gimbal and camera accessories.

  1. The time, effort and costs associated with learning how to fly the drones:

Remember how you learnt the skills and techniques of photography? The same kind of learning is required to be able to capture good aerial shots. Take into account the time and effort you will require to master learning how to fly a drone. It is advisable to learn to fly the drone under the supervision of an expert so that you do not end up damaging them. In case you are planning to hire someone who already has the expertise, then you will need to take into account the cost of hiring the photographer.

  1. The target segment for your aerial photography business:

Any business runs on its customers. Who are going to be your customers? Do you plan to enhance an existing photography business that already specializes in certain categories of photography? If not, then it is advisable to identify the core competency of your skills and create a niche for yourself. You can also choose to cater to the masses to drive higher volumes. Depending on the targetable customer base, find a position for your business.

  1. Insurance of your drones and accessories:

You should definitely consider insurance of your drones and their accessories. There could be accidental damages to the drones while flying or they might get blown in strong winds. It is not that such instances happen often but insurance keeps your investment guarded against any such threats of damage or loss.

  1. Kind of business opportunity is present in your area:

While you might have identified what kind of customers you want to target, you will also need to know how many of them are willing to hire aerial photography services. You should also consider if you are willing to travel to be able to grab an opportunity or if you wish to operate only in your area..

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