5 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Drone

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Buying a drone, either low-budget or high-budget, is a decision which requires more than just choosing the product which best fits your needs. There are important factors to take into consideration. If you cover all these factors you will be sure to purchase a drone which you won’t regret. With so many new drones being constantly released into the market it’s important to be aware of this information. We at Smashing Drones aim to always bring to you the best and most updated drone related information. As well as guide you through your choices and consequently any doubts you may have. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the 5 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Drone!

Number 1- The Quality of the Material

This is one of the first things you must pay attention to. I mean, if you are buying a drone of course you will want it to be durable. Nobody wants to see their new investment broken after the first crash. Low-cost drones’ material ranges from strong ABS plastic to (often) ordinary plastic, while higher-cost drones are made of fibre glass and carbon. If you are looking for a low-cost drone go for ABS plastic, sometimes they even have some parts built with carbon fibre. In case of higher-budget drones look for fibre glass and carbon fibre (avoid aluminium). However it is not just the material built. Quality also relies on its shape, this is an advice particularly aimed to Toy grade drones: look for landing gear and propellers which are mounted in a reliable safe angle. Otherwise they will tend to break or bend after a couple flights.


Number 2- Replacement Parts

If you don’t take care of your drone it won’t last forever. It is okay to perform has many flights has you want, take it everywhere you want. Fly, crash and start flying again. However, pilots must be aware that drones are not ‘bullet-proof’, especially low-cost drones. Before you decide what drones best fits your needs you should do an online search to see how easy it is to find replacement parts. Most manufacturers sell them on their own online shops, and many resellers such as Amazon have it too. From broken propellers to landing gear, from controllers to batteries and motors, it is very important to have a back plan in case you unexpectedly damage one of these. Not all parts are universal, most only fit on a specific model or models, therefore don’t go and purchase a drone which will be impossible to repair (unless you really want that specific drone).


Number 3- Battery Life and Extra Batteries

Nowadays new batteries are more durable and capable of powering higher flight time. The average flight time of a low-cost drone ranges between 6 to 9 minutes, while high-cost drones’ flight time ranges between 15 and 25 minutes (of course there are exceptions). Not only the battery can power more time but they have also become more durable. However, flight time might not be enough for what you intend to do and batteries may not endure all the flights you wish to constantly perform. This being said, it is advisable to all enthusiasts who really need to have their drone ready to fly 24/7 to have some spare batteries to change between flights. This will increase their life time as well as increase the time you can have your drone I air.

Note: When a battery runs out of power let your drone rest 10 minutes before plugging in another battery. This will prevent the motors from hover-heating.

Number 4- Drone Typology

There are commercial drones for everybody. Drones for photography and videography, drones for racing and aerial acrobatics. Every drone is different presenting different features and specifications. Photography and videography drones are most often larger and have more lifting power, therefore the payload demands more from its motors. Racing and acrobatic drones are more lightweight and more durable. Of course there are exceptions too, but before you start searching what the market has to offer, check what type of drone market you are aiming for.


Number 5- Trustworthy Information Source

With the increasing amount of drone related websites and blogs sometimes the information you find online may not be reliable. Some websites advertise drones having features they actually do not have, or recommend drones which you will regret buying minutes after you unbox them. It is important to check if the information is coming from a trustworthy source. That is why we at Smashing Drones always aim to provide the most accurate and updated information possible. Count on us to be that useful e-friend which will always guide you through the right drone choices!


Now you know the 5 things you should know before buying a drone! It’s time to pick what drone best fits your needs and start flying! Have you ever regretted any drone you have bought because you didn’t check one of this 5 factors? Share your story with us and other drone enthusiasts in the comment section below. Happy flying!

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