Star Wars millennium falcon quad drone review

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Star Wars Millennium Falcon Drone
  • Millennium Falcon Drone

Air Hogs Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens Ultimate Millennium Falcon Quad Drone Review

Air Hogs Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens Ultimate Millennium Falcon Quad DroneThe highly anticipated sequel of Star Wars, entitled The Force Awakens, has captivated many with its short and sweet trailer. The Millennium Falcon is seen once more, soaring high with brilliant lights as the backdrop of the unmistakable soundtrack blasts off to everyone’s awe! How about you fly the legendary ship yourself and stimulate its pilot Han Solo or surpass the heroine Rey? Imagine a whole new world, maybe with chewbacca at your side. Let it turn into reality by getting yourself the coolest Star Wars drone infused with modern technology and theme of the epic space opera. Introducing the Episode VII Millennium Falcon Quad from Air Hogs, where endless adventures await you:
Experience the Star Wars Universe on Earth with the Millenium Falcon Drone

Let your Millennium Falcon go places you can’t possibly go, and let it show you a bird’s eye view and entirely fresh scene from a quite different perspective.

Fly it in full daylight, hovering in the air to see the landscape that’s widespread beneath. The Falcon utilises 4 starwars-dronepowerful rotors concealed within the ship’s body. This component paves the way for an agile and space-like flight! Safety is ensured as well with the tiny and enclosed parts.

Soar high under the night sky with the fantastic LED lights beaming in the darkness. The best part yet? This Star Wars drone comes with authentic sounds which makes every fan’s dreams come true. It produces a constant engine noise that indeed sounds like the Falcon.

The Force Empowers you with Awesome Stunts

Own the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs. Traverse your own hyperspace route anywhere you drone-revieware, right in your own home. The excellent 2.4Ghz communication allows full control of the Falcon Quad up to a great distance of 200 feet away! It’s suitable for indoor use, or outdoors for some action-packed space adventures.
Not only will you be witnessing how the ship rides in the movies, looping and swirling close to the ground. How it elegantly floats across the landscape and occasionally plunges through it. You can possibly do it yourself with your amazing Star Wars drone. You can activate the hyper-drive stunt simply with the slightest push of a button, but be sure to hold on for a fully-loaded ride with cool stunts and tricks! The 6 x AA batteries which it requires for operation ensures that it is able to withstand long journeys, with just a quick 30 to 75-minute charge.
No worries in case the deflector shields are hit, given the strength of your ship. The Falcon is constructed of high quality material comprised of high density durable foam. Thus, it exhibits outstanding resiliency to those photon torpedoes you may encounter. Flying mishaps and crashes are less likely to happen anyway with easy controls and seamless navigation.
Millennium Falcon Star Wars Drone Design
drone-reviewThe excitement continues as you recreate the scenes with a miniature form of the starship to take home with you. Did you know that the Millennium Falcon’s design was inspired by a hamburger, with the cockpit actually an olive on the side? This was according to Star Wars creator George Lucas, and enthusiasts are well aware that the most iconic Star Wars ship has a shabby exterior given its humble origins. Special modifications and re-scaling over time created a masterpiece of a beautiful highly modified YT-1300 light freighter.
The same qualities are remarkable in this Star Wars drone. The cockpit is seen embedded in it, along with all other details of the exquisite ship such as the escape pods, drive units, and the textured armor plating. It’s pretty much the mini version of the real thing, only with circular cutouts for the rotor blades and power switch, of course. The very same things that hold the key to your Star Wars flight!
The controller itself is customised for the quadcopter. It is designed to be plugged into the mains with the supplied usb cable, and then make use of the small charging cable from its compartment to plug into your drone for charging.
Fly the Millennium Falcon
undoubtedly, it’s the ship you’ve always wanted to fly, and now it’s here. The Star Wars drone Ultimate Millennium Falcon by Air Hogs is suited for star fighters who are 8 years old and above. It makes for the perfect gift which every one will love, young or old alike. Children can’t wait for Christmas or their birthday to get a hold of it, while adults take pride in the perfect toy that grants them an authentic Star Wars feel and unbeatable firsthand experience!


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