AMA and DJI Establish Partnership to Offer Drone Training and Promote Safe Flying

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DJI has earned its right as one of the leading manufacturers of drone technology. The Chinese company has produced some of the best models on the market today, and as their reputation continues to shine they look set to impress yet again.

The company recently announced a very exciting partnership with the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) that will train people on how to safely operate drones.

Not only that, the collaboration seeks to offer high quality training for everyone looking to fly drones, from children looking to have fun to public safety officials that are using the technology in their work.

With drones becoming more widely available to the public, more and more people are investing in drone technology for recreational use. As children are making up large proportions of new drone users, it’s great to hear that industry leading figures are uniting to help encourage and teach others about responsible drone ownership.

A Beneficial Partnership

The newly formed partnership looks set to offer plenty of benefits for everyone involved.

For example, both DJI and the AMA will now enjoy a closer working relationship, enhancing the communication shared between each.

They can support each other on mutually beneficial endeavours, such as creating a variety of exciting youth programs. These programs would encourage young drone enthusiasts to become more involved in drone flying and aviation modelling.

As flying drones is very much intertwined with airspace safely, the AMA is hoping that the partnership will educate a new generation of drone operators on how to fly safely and responsibly.

This isnt just about encouraging safe drone use, although this is a leading driving force behind the partnership, but about fostering interesting among those that may want to develop their hobbies into careers down the line.

The hope is that this will encourage would-be drone pilots to learn more about model aviation and drone safety, which in turn could potentially inspire them to seek out careers in technology, aviation or robotics.

Promotion of a Joint AMA Membership

One of the most exciting prospects behind the partnership is the fact that a joint membership between each organisation will be offered. This offers various perks for any members that are interested in drones and model aviation.

For example, AMA and DJI would provide a comprehensive online support package for all members piloting drones, offering advice, assistance and tips about drone flying and operation.  This isnt just ideal for young drone operators, but adults that are new to the field and want to better their skills for their job (or simply for recreation).

Likewise, members that are considering a career in fields such as aviation or other technology sectors will benefit from access to youth programs that will nurture this interest and help to mentor them towards a potential career in the future.

Access to the AMA Safety Course

Given that safety is one of the key factors behind the partnership, it makes sense that a joint safety course would feature. The AMA Safety Course is set to very high standards, meaning anyone taking part in the course can be sure they will finish it as a better drone pilot.

The comprehensive training offered is perfect for anyone working in public safety (fire and rescue, emergency medical service, police, etc.) as it will help provide them with the skills and knowledge to safely operate a drone needed for their work.

For instance, the course provides live training that will enhance their drone flying technique. They will learn about the various nuances of effective drone operation, which is all put to the test in a live flight simulation.

Completion of this course will make anyone a better, more experience drone pilot, helping to achieve one of the core goals of the DJI and AMA partnership.

DJI have been working hard to further monetise the drone space for a long time and building brand ambassadors through partnerships and courses seems to be part of that strategy.

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