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Best Affordable Drones Under or Around £200

Buying drones can prove to be quite a daunting task with so many models available online. The good news is that there are only a few top-quality affordable drones under or around the £200 mark that are worth the investment. After conducting extensive investigation, we’ve selected 4 that we consider to be the best drones in their price range.

Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Elite Edition

parrot ar 2.0 drone elite edition
known all around the globe for their high-quality drones, Parrot is one of the top drone manufacturers on the market. Their latest model, the Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Elite Edition, offers the same exquisite functions as its younger brother, the AR 2.0, but it comes with a unique body package that lets you choose from three styles: snow, sand and jungle. This advanced ready-to-fly WI-Fi controlled quadcopter is suitable for both indoor and outdoor flights. Here are some of its characteristics that make it stand above the competitors.-

  • Powerful processor: the 1GHz ARM Cortex offers 1 GB of RAM, enabling you to enjoy a streamlined flying experience.
  • You can easily control the drone using the Android or iOS apps available in the store. Both apps have been tested with multiple devices to ensure all users fly with ease.
  • Great camera: the 720p quality camera can take photos and record with sound. All of the recordings and photos are automatically saved on your phone. You can easily upload your recordings to Parrot’s Drone Academy platform, where you can share your best moments with other users or can watch what other users have recorded.

This device is amazing for having fun. The Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Elite Edition enables you to perform a flip by simply tapping your smartphone screen and the quad is extremely responsive. If you are in the market for a device under or around 250 the Parrot AR Elite is highly recommended.



The Homeboat U818S is a large 6-axis gyroscope quadcopter that is simply amazing for beginners who want to make the most out of their new hobby. This drone is made of tough materials that can easily withstand any strong wind and rain, which makes it perfect for the British weather. Even though this drone is ridiculously cheap for what you get, its features make it one of the best performing devices in its price range. Some key features of the U818S are:

HB Homeboat U818S Features

  • High capacity battery: the large 7.4 V battery enables this quad to fly much longer than most other quadcopters in its class. You can squeeze up to 12 minutes of flight time out of the U818S.
  • Powerful motor: the 4 high speed magnetic motors give you precise maneuverability, enabling you to experiment and perform various tricks such as 360 flips and left/right flying.
  • 5 Mega pixel camera: this is another great feature that makes the Homeboat U818S stand out over many of its competitors. The camera records videos and captures photos of very high quality. The 5 mega pixels along with the excellent stability while flying make this an excellent tool for aerial photography.
  • Transceiver control system: the 2.4 Ghz transceiver is able to produce a stable signal that is impressively less susceptive to any type of electromagnetic interferences. This leads to better control and an improved flying experience. Coupled with the controller, which is very easy to operate and quite user friendly, you can enjoy a superior flying experience.


Syma X8G

Tiny Drone New Updated Version Syma X8C&X8 2.4G 4ch 6 Axis Venture with 2MP
The Syma X8G is another drone that you should consider buying if you want to streamline your flying experience or simply dive into the amazing world of quads. Even though this drone was only released at the end of 2015, which makes is quite a new device, it has managed to exceed all expectations.

Being equipped with a built-in GoPro 8 MegaPixel camera, the Syma X8G offers a fantastic level of picture clarity. The videos are 1080p, which is more than enough for eveyone who is not a professional photographer.

The flight time of this quadcopter is also very good. You can fly for up to 10 minutes. However, if you lower the payload, you can fly for up to 15 minutes. At 1600 grams, this drone is heavier than the average quadcopter.

Some other features that make the Coocheer Syma X8G unique on the market is its headless mode, which means that forward on your remote is always forward for the drone, regardless of where the head of the drone is facing. This makes it very easy for beginners to maneuver it.


XT-XINTE CX-20 Pathfinder

Cheerson CX-20 4GHz RC.4-Axis
The XT-XINTE CX-20 is one of the most beautiful drones you’ll ever see. Due to its compact and highly integrated design, packing this drone into your backpack and carrying it around is as easy as pie.

The intelligent orientation control is another feature that make this quadcopter stand out of the crowd. This feature makes it very easy for beginners to fly it. The XT-XINTE CX-20 is also equipped with low voltage protection, failsafe, auto go home and easy landing.

You can fly this beauty for up to 15 minutes and charge it in around 2 hours. The transmitter is quite big, but is very comfortable and easy to use. Even though the CX-20 Pathfinder is not equipped with a camera of its own, it makes up for this thanks to its beautiful design and ease of use. The XT-XINTE CX-20 Pathfinder is designed for more experienced users who can mount their own GoPro cameras and record seamlessly at high-quality. For the money, this drone a is must-have for any experienced drone user or for those want their first drone to be an advanced device without spending a lot of money.


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