British Police Have Deployed a 24-Hour Drone Unit

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Police officials in parts of England are embracing drone technology to help tackle crime after launching a new 24-hor drone response unit.

Devon and Cornwall Police are the fifth largest police force in the entire United Kingdom, covering several counties in the southwest region of England.

In fact, the Devon and Cornwall Police is the largest in terms of the area they cover, perhaps why they have enlisted the help of a drone unit to aid them in their duties.

Commissioned After Successful Trial 

With so many job sectors looking to trial drone technology in recent years, its little surprise that law enforcement agencies would also consider trials of their own.

There’s certainly no shortage of possibilities when it comes to drones assisting the police, something that the Devon and Cornwall police clearly share having committed to drone trials back in 2015.

The main aim of the trial was to see just how viable drones were in aiding the police. To establish their effectiveness, the force used four Inspire 1 drone models from industry-leading DJI.

Each drone was fitted with HD cameras that could provide a live feed directly to police officers tackling various matters. For instance, the drones assisted in many missing person’s searches given their ability to provide an uninterrupted aerial view encompassing many miles.

The fitted cameras also aid in other areas of policing, such as taking photographs of a crime scene. Again, the drone’s manoeuvrability allows for photos to be taken from almost any angle and height, making it a very useful feature for the police operating on a crime scene.

It appears that the Devon and Cornwall Police liked what they saw, having advertised several full-time positions for a new drone response unit.

Part of an On-Going Trend

Devon and Cornwall Police are part of an on-going trend throughout the nation, with as many as 21 different police forces looking to test the viability of drone technology.

Everyone from police officials to politicians are hoping that this new technology can allow forces up and down the country to perform their duties more effectively.

The more effective the drone-unit team becomes, the more likely it is that the technology will be embraced across British police forces, hopefully helping them to better tackle crime!


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