Businesses Told To Explore Opportunities in Drone Market

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As the starting date for new regulations regarding the use of drones commercially, looms, experts say that now is the time for businesses to grab hold of this opportunity with both hands. Drone tech has long been viewed with scepticism by some, but it holds the key to being one of the most exciting and engaging pieces of hardware around – if it’s used in the right way.

To try and remove the negative image of drone tech that has unfortunately built up, experts are trying to show business owners that these new tools can be more useful than they appear.

These rules are a major moment in the development of the drone market, though. These regulations have been long waited for those waiting to get into the market, but scared of wasting their development fees. With more regulations, the majority of market leaders and those who want to get involved are critical – but with drones, people on the other side of the industry want them.

Why? Because it allows for certainty. Developers now have a cast-iron guarantee that what they are working on is going to be suitable, is going to fit regulation and is not going to just be a waste of time and energy.

The entry level just became much easier to spot – with the drone industry no longer mired in mystery, what’s stopping businesses from getting involved in the market?

A Wonderful Opportunity

The implementation of these rules should mean that startups and developers alike can begin to see consistent change in the face of new regulations. For one, companies can now start to create drone-specific accessories such as cameras that otherwise may not have been regulated or accepted by the industry leaders.

With the sheer rapid nature of the industry itself, the development speed or power should not be underestimated. The release of new regulations should only speed that up, as developers can now jump in with both feet to start really investing in their products and accessories. The line has been drawn now, so companies have nothing to fear from lack of knowledge of regulation.

As it stands, commercial drone usage is illegal without a federal exemption from the Federal Aviation Administration. As draconian as this may be, it’s the rules and it means that commercial usage as well as development for drones has been quite minimal at best. These exemptions will be removed in the near future, no longer requiring the usage of a private pilot’s license to get involved with a drone.

All you would need to do is pass a test from the FAA. This test will be accessible and easy to take, making it easier for businesses and entrepreneurs to get involved. Also, the regulations will look to remove the mystery around drones and also ensure that stringent legislation does not suffocate one of the most interesting industries on the planet.

This is going to be very exciting for developers and designers alike – what would you use your drone license for?

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