DBPOWER Hawkeye-II FPV Drone Review

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  • DBPOWER Hawkeye-II FPV Drone

The DBPOWER Hawkeye-II FPV drone is one of those fantastic gadgets that you should have if you love remote controlled products, flying objects and taking live video recordings then this drone is a great choice

Features and benefits

FPV technology
This feature is a technology development that enables users to view the actual image from the flying drone. You can monitor real time video through phone attached or connected to the drone.

Dark Flying ability
It does not limit when to fly as it has powerful 4 LED light that functions fully during the night, converting the live view to a lively experience from any location. Additionally, the LED lights makes the drone visible from a distant for safety precautions at any flying height.

2 Control modes
Flying the DBPOWER Hawkeye-II has an advantage that you can control it through the transmitter and view videos or images from your phone. Secondly, for iOS and Android users, you can download an app that enables you control it directly from your phone through the in-built gravity sensor function.

Offers unique entertaining platform
It is recommended for 14 years and above people. Therefore, it is a great adventure for the whole family fun and entertainment as children get an opportunity out and away from TV and PC screen.




Multiple flight movements
This quadcopter has the ability to make many flight movements, including hand throwing fly and 360 degrees turns while in the air. It isn’t about simply flying but having fun while you do it!

Easy to use procedure
For both experienced and beginners, this Hawkeye-II drone will assist you make perfect flying moves as well as guaranteed stable precise positions. Through the 4 motor driver and six-axis gyro, the speed mode is controllable by switching to different modes. Choose either low, high or low according to your preference.

2.4 G internet connectivity
Though it might not be the best connectivity, it stands out to work best for this drone that flies 30m high. The 2.4 G transmitter can support the entire gadget movements and the complete controls.

Durable flying blades
It makes use of 4 blades that comes enhanced with protective guards made of ABS strengthening material. This prevents the drone from severe damage in case of crashing.


Great photo experience
The gadget is equipped with a 0.3P camera. The First Person View (FPV) camera captures with a resolution of 640 x 480 for the video quality. Further storage space can be provided by your mobile connected device. This makes the Hawkeye-II develop a whole new perspective in viewing down from the sky.

– It has both high and low modes for indoor and outdoor use respectively
– User may connect phone for live camera view
– It is fun and simple to operate
– Instant integration for camera with FPV mode
– Overall battery life is good
– The package includes extra blades and useful tools
– The remote control has accurate control buttons and navigators
– Has LED lights for visibility on misty, foggy or dark environment
– Compact design
– WiFi enabled for use with phone

– The general drone is more useful for kids or family fun rather than professional use
– The price may be high for some people

On overall perspective, the DBPOWER Hawkeye-II FPV Drone is agreat buy for everyone. The features are unique and supports both learners and experienced users. From the product reviews posted on various platforms, it has a relatively high rating. Most people who purchased and used it have recommended others to try it. Its fun, fairly priced and gives amazing flying experience from the ground. Why not try it too!


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