DROCON Bugs 3 Quadcopter

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Drocon Bugs 3
  • Bugs 3 Review


Overall, the drone is fast, intelligently designed, and built with the user in mind. The motor is extremely powerful and the controls feel very smooth and responsive in flight. The large battery gives you an excellent flying time of up to 18 minutes which is not much shorter than the DJI Phantom 3 and a lot more than most other models in this price range. The well-designed low battery alarm system is a fantastic addition and lowers the risk of losing the quad during a flight. As well as this, the tough and hard wearing design means you can survive a few bumps and keep flying as we experienced during our tests. The Bugs 3 definitely gets a big thumbs up and we believe anyone who buys one will be very happy with just how good a quadcopter it is. We had three different people test the Bugs 3 and all three were extremely impressed, I am sure you will be too.

The Drocon Blue Bugs 3 Brushless Drone is a fantastic piece of technology that has been well designed to allow for a realistic flying experience and to accurately convey the freedoms and new visual experiences that a drone can bring. It has many appealing features which include;

• A powerful brushless motor to reach high altitude quickly
• Up to 18 minutes of flight time
• 300 – 500 metre control range
• Perform flips in mid air
• Smart remote alarm feature
• A camera holder for a GoPro or similar camera to be mounted
• A robust and durable design

The drone is equipped with a powerful brushless motor, which is of high quality, ensuring that you can safely navigate the heights the drone can go to without worrying about power. Powered by a 7.4v battery, this drone has up to18 minutes of flying time available with each charge, giving you more freedom to travel and explore the areas around you without feeling constrained by a few minutes of flight time. You can control the model from up to 300m away, which gives you a pretty good area that can be covered without moving.

The drone is sturdy and durable, able to take a fair beating and keep going without worry for damages, and this particular model is equipped with a camera holder that can easily house something like a GoPro, or other types of mountable camera and video recorders, allowing for you to capture some stunning aerial views and get a good look at the world from that high up. Another great feature of the Bugs 3 is the addition of an intelligent remote control alarm function, which is not something you’ll find on many other models in the market at this price range. The alarm is designed to go off when the voltage is low in the actual drone, so you’ll always know when it’s time to bring it back or lower it back down to the ground, to avoid accidentally damaging the drone by having it run out of power mid-flight. The nylon fibre which makes up the bulk of the materials that form the drone are hard wearing and provide an excellent centre of gravity to keep the drone stable while in flight. The two-way communication system helps to further strengthen the connection between the drone and the pilot, which adds to the high levels of user accessibility and comfort, making the drone a pleasant experience for whoever is handling it at the time.

We tested this drone and were very impressed with both the performance and the build of the Bugs 3. It would be very difficult to find another drone on the market at this price point that performs as well.

The Drocon Bugs 3 is available to buy on Amazon

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