Drone Crashed into Empire State Building

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Drone crashes into empire state building

Drone crashes into empire state building

There have been recent reports that a small quadcopter collided with the empire state building. Apparently after the collision the drone then fell 5 floors to rest on a balcony of 35th floor. Police later questioned the suspected pilot Sean Riddle and after interviewing him they charged him with reckless endangerment..

Sean received even more publicity about the incident after publishing details of the event on social media via his Twitter account. It is believed that the drone pilot was taking aerial photographs of the empire state building when windy conditions resulted in Sean struggling to maintain a stable flight path and the unmanned aerial aircraft then hit the building.

After witnessing his device falling onto the landing of the building he entered and informed security personnel. Sean’s request to retrieve the quadcopter was met with a visit from the NYPD who proceeded to investigate and ultimately charge him the reckless endangerment.

The authorities are becoming extremely irritated with these types of events as similar incidents have been occurring near every major land mark in the world.

No mention of the type of drone he was flying has emerged but no doubt photos and further details will be released in the near future, probably via Sean’s Twitter account!

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