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DRONE-INSURANCE-GUIDEMany drones are equipped with cameras which makes them extremely useful for a number of different tasks. These little unmanned aerial vehicles can be used to survey buildings and land in the most inhospitable of locations. Due to their increasing popularity, people are starting to pay a lot of interest in any damage caused by them. This guide will look at drone insurance and show you whether it’s something you need to invest in.

What is Drone / UAV Insurance?

Drone insurance is a specialist insurance policy provided by experienced insurance companies in the UK. These insurance plans are designed to protect you from loss and also limit your personal liability. If you are using a drone for commercial use, then insurance is a must. It should be seriously considered even when flying a drone for fun.

What is Covered?

Insurance providers offer a wide range of different drone insurance packages which offer different levels of cover. Most insurance policies for drones include liability and loss cover. Should your drone become damaged accidentally while in flight or storage then the insurance policies should provide money for repairs or replacement.

More importantly, insurance for drones also protects your liability. If your drone crashes into the building you were trying to film, or gets in the way of a plane then it can cause a lot of damage. Like car insurance, drone insurance can protect your personal liability. Should and damage be caused by your drone, then the insurance will pay out to repair the damage caused. Public liability cover is one of the main reasons all businesses which use drones commercially really need to take out insurance policies.

What to Look out for When taking out Drone Insurance

When you are taking out a new uav insurance policy there are some important things you need to consider. If you plan on travelling with your drone, then make sure the policy includes international cover. Also spend time comparing the excess fees for different types of claim.

Important things to consider when taking out insurance:
– Type of operation – personal or business
– Area of operation – only in UK or international?
– Policy limits
– Policy excess
– Reputation of insurance company

Do I need to take out Insurance for my Drone?

Nobody likes spending money unless they really have to, which is why most people will spend a long time searching whether they really need to take out drone insurance. Currently, the law is a bit murky on the subject. If you are flying the drone for fun then it may be covered on your home insurance policy. However, this will typically only cover the cost of replacing the drone itself, and not the damage that it can cause.

If you are using the drone for business purposes, then a good drone insurance policy which includes public liability is vital. Even when flying for pleasure, it’s advisable to take out insurance to protect you. Drones themselves are expensive, and the amount of damage they can cause is virtually limitless.

When taking out any insurance policy make sure you do your homework. Research the insurer to make sure they will pay out in the event of a claim. Spend time shopping around to get the best deal and best possible level of cover.