Drones For Kids

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Drones for kids

An ideal entry-level drone for beginners, the Lamaston X5SW-1 is a stylish black drone that kids will have great fun flying.

One of the best aspects about this drone isnt just how affordable it is, but the fact that it offers a HD Wi-Fi camera with real-time view. This means your kids can enjoy watching a live feed from the camera as they operate the drone from below.

Footage and images can be saved, but you will need to download the relative mobile app to have them sent wirelessly to your phone or tablet.

It also boasts an additional battery to ensure that you can continue flying should the first battery lose its charge. That’s not the only extra parts that comes with this product, as a spare propeller blade, phone holder, and screwdriver for repairs are also included!

In terms of usability, children shouldn’t struggle to operate the drone, which is easy to learn, coming ready to fly straight from the box. Features such as one key turn, 360 degree flips, and a headless model make flying the done that bit easier, not to mention incredibly fun!

For instance, headless mode ensures the drone controls remain the same regardless of bearing (i.e. forward is always forward) while one key return guarantees the drone won’t go missing!

Moreover, this is a generally robust drone that should be able to handle drops and collisions. A good idea if your child is going to crash the drone is to just switch power off automatically so that the motors are fully protected -taking this approach should protect it from any type of crash!


  • Affordable entry-level price
  • Easy to operate
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Robust
  • Comes with additional battery and other handy parts


  • Replacement parts can be hard to come by
HD Camera drone for kids

HD Camera drone for kids

With a selection of handy flying modes, one button return, and a 6-axis gyroscope design, this RC drone is great for first-time operators, even younger children under 10.

Compact and lightweight, this quadcopter offers a great chance to come to grips with the basics of drone flying, especially with the four sensitivity modes that allow users to increase the difficulty as they become more comfortable.

The one button return is also well-suited for younger pilots that may lose track of their drone, making it simple to return if ever lost from view. Should there be a rough landing or two, there’s also two spare propellers included!

While a 720p HD camera is included, it is on the more basic side, so if video and image capturing is your child’s biggest interest then it may not be the best option. That’s not to say they won’t be able to capture great images or videos with the 2MP camera, but be sure to install the SD card if you want to save anything!

When it comes to flying this drone, there’s certainly enough to keep your child smiling. For instance, the 360-degree flip mode will allow them to perform cool flips and turns when flying. In terms of distance, it can travel around 100ft, which is certainly impressive given the smaller size of the quadcopter.

The 7 to 8-minute battery life is quite standard for a drone in this price range, and while there is no spare battery included, charging only takes 30 minutes to complete. Plus, sourcing spare batteries isnt too difficult.

This is certainly a drone that is a lot of fun to fly, especially if you have younger children looking to try their hand at flying.


  • ·Compact and lightweight
  • Various flying modes that are great for operators of every level
  • 360-degree flips and side-flying buttons allow for cool tricks to be easily pulled off
  • Spare propellers included
  • Accurate 2.4GHz remote control


  • · Camera is one the basic side
  • · No mobile app

UDI U845 UFO Wi-Fi FPV Drone

UDI U845 UFO beginners Drone

An awesome UFO design and a host of cool features make the UDI U845 UFO Wi-Fi FPV a fine quadcopter for kids, made even better by the affordable price tag!

This UFO shaped drone will certainly catch the eye when hitting the sky, but more importantly it comes with great functions that make it perfect for children looking to try their hand at drone flying.

For instance, the headless mode means you can still steady and control the drone even when the view is restricted. They ensure that the controls are the same regardless of orientation, so forwards on the control is always forwards, backwards is backwards and so on.

Also, the gravity induction mode makes operating the drone simple yet fun. By using a view from your mobile phone, you can control the direction of the flight in accordance with the angle seen from the phone.

This is achieved through the drone camera and the accompanying app ‘the UDRIC DRONE’. Not only can you get a live first person view of the drone when in flight, but you can also switch to gravity induction mode to control the drone via your phone.

The camera itself is HD and offers a first-person view, can record videos and take photographs, all of which can be saved to view later or seen live through a feed from a smartphone. Expect about 20 minutes of footage with a single battery charge!

There’s also a host of extras that really round off a great product. For example, a free spare battery is included, allowing you to get more than the standard 6 to 9-minute flight time provided from a single charge.

Kids will love the ability to do a cool 360-degree flip at the push of a button, and should they be involved in any accidental crashes it won’t be an issue as the drone is designed to offer extra safety to the propellers to ensure they do not break easily.

Should they end up breaking there isnt a cause for concern, as six spare propellers are included with the drone!

This is an exceptionally priced drone that looks cool and has plenty to offer any young pilot, certainly making it a worthwhile investment.


  • Cool UFO design
  • Child-friendly flying modes
  • Accompanying mobile app that offers additional features
  • FPV HD camera that can be viewed in real time
  • Spare battery and propellers included


  • Can struggle to fly smoothly in windy conditions

GoolRC 515V Camera Hover Drone

GoolRC 515V 0.3MP Camera Drone Hovering Drone

The GoolRC 515V has a great looking design that kids will simply adore, with the drone resembling a futuristic sci-fi spaceship. The aesthetics will certainly make it even more fun to play with, but it’s also got plenty of great features that round out a quality product that is worth every penny.

Flying this RC quadcopter is simple enough to operate, made even better by the fact it is a suitable model for flying indoors. For instance, the high/low speed switch provides two speed settings, one for indoors and one for outdoors, that should make understanding the basics of drone operating that bit easier.

Control options such as headless mode and one-key taking off/landing are another example of this, ensuring that there’s nothing too complex for your child to learn when flying the quadcopter.

The 6-axis gyro control system is also designed to offer additional stability when flying the drone, so it’s a great model for any children looking to learn the ropes while still offering plenty of fun during the process.

Better still, there’s a range of functions that kids can easily pick up once they get the hang of operating the uav.

360-degree flips at the push of a button will certainly impress, while the built-in barometer means the quad can hover at a specific height on its own, which is ideal for those looking to take some awesome aerial photographs.

All-in-all, the GoolRC 515V is an ideal starter drone for kids. Not only is it affordable, but it comes with the perfect set-up for learning how to fly a drone thanks to the various modes and functions, while the camera offers the chance to catch some great images and videos.


  • Great price
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Various functions that make operating the drone easier
  • Sci-fi spaceship design


  • Limited battery life (around 6 minutes)

DeeRC Predator Mini RC Quadcopter Drone

DeeRC Predator Kids Quadcopter

The DeRC Predator is an inexpensive drone that offers plenty of benefits for kids wanting to try their hand at flying.

For one, this quadcopter can be operated inside or outside of the home, meaning you don’t need to be concerned about weather conditions – if it is too windy outside simply set it up indoors! This is made easier by the different speed mode settings, with the slower settings the ideal speed for flying around your home.

This is a great way to get your kid familiar with the controls of the drone, although there are various other functions that should make flying the drone a piece of cake in most cases.

For example, the headless mode means there no need to adjust positions of the quadcopter to operate, making it so much easier to navigate with.

Headless mode is a common feature found in drones, but is one worth having for younger users as it can be quite easy to lose the bearings of the drone once it reaches a certain height. This ensures your child can still easily operate the drone even if they cannot tell the exact orientation.

3D flip and roll modes offer a lot of fun, and with a control range of up to 165 feet they can certainly get the DeRC Predator high in the sky to perform these cool tricks.

This is probably a good thing considering the lack of a camera on the drone, so it’s certainly a model better suited for those wanting to fly and do tricks with a drone rather than for recording footage and taking photos.

However, given the cheap price of this drone, it’s a fine starter model to try out and see if your child likes it before possibly upgrading to a model with more features.


  • Inexpensive
  • Can be flown inside or outside
  • Various speed settings and fly modes make it easy to use
  • Easy to source replacement batteries for additional flight durations


  • No camera

U818A Wi-Fi FPV Drone

U818A WIFI FPV Beginners Drone

U818A WIFI FPV Beginners Drone

The U818A Wi-Fi FPV is a drone that is great for users of every level, be it younger kids using their first quad to older children that are looking to upgrade their current model.

For example, the U818A comes with a quality 720p HD camera that offers a first person view (FPV) when in flight. Simply install the app on a mobile device and get an awesome FPV of all the footage and images captured when flying the drone – you can even opt for a live feed when in flight!

In fact, the accompanying app can also be used to control the drone. This grants access to additional features that can only be used from a connected smartphone, such as the 3D VR View and Gravity Mode.

That’s right, if you or your child happens to own virtual reality (VR) headset, then you can enjoy a truly mind-blowing view of anything recorded on the drone. It is certainly an impressive function, especially if you are a fan of VR.

When combined with other flying modes, it highlights just how versatile a drone the U818A is. For example, headless mode makes operating the drone simple regardless of orientation, helping children (and many adults!) to fly the drone even with a limited view.

There’s also a low voltage alarm that will warn when the drone’s battery is about to run out of charge. This is great for bringing it back without the risk of crashing it should the charge run out mid-flight.

As you may expect, the battery will run out quite quickly (around ten minutes in total per charge), which is why the spare battery that is included with the drone is a nice touch. It essentially doubles your flight time by offering a second power source once the initial charge dies, so you and your child can spend even more time having fun with your drone.

Simply put, the U818A Wi-Fi FPV Drone has so much to offer that it makes for an incredible drone for any child.


  • 720P HD camera with FPV function and live feed
  • VR compatible
  • Free accompanying app offers even more functions
  • Additional battery included and a low power alarm to ensure it never dies mid-flight
  • Several fly modes


  • Battery time can drain fast when using camera

A compact miniature quadcopter that is a fine option for younger children, the JJRC H36 MINI Drone comes with a fantastic price and several features that ensures you get expectational value for money.

At 22g and measuring under 10cm in size, this is certainly a mini drone that won’t take much room! The small design helps to make it very child-friendly, particularly for children younger than 10, and with such a low price it can certainly be considered a fantastic first-time drone.

If you want to introduce your child to drones but want to give them something small and compact that is easy to use, then this a great product to get them started. This is made better by the flight modes and functions that make it easy to operate and generally very user friendly for children.

For example, the one-key flight return button allows the drone to be easily returned if lost from sight, while high/low speed settings allow for various practice speeds to be tested to help children familiarise themselves with flying the drone.

Once they more proficient at flying the JJRC H36, functions such as the 360-degree roll-over will allow them to start trying out tricks that will sure to delight them. Given the smaller size, you can easily let them practice these tricks inside before taking things outdoors – the LED lights will look especially cool when flying later in the evening!

Of course, there is a very good chance that younger users may damage the drone when practicing with it, so it is great to see that replacement propellers are included.

The JJRC H36 MINI Drone is a great starter drone for children of most ages. It is affordable yet fun to use, and with its compact design it is perfectly suited for indoor use, while control features also help kids better understand the aspects of drone operation.


· Very affordable

· Small, lightweight design

· Great starter drone

· Spare propellers included


· Short flight time (around 5 minutes)

· Wind can make it difficult to fly outdoors

GPTOYS F2C Black Aviax RC Drone

The Black Aviax RC drone from GPTOYS offers a range of great features and a stylish design that makes for a great quadcopter for children.

Featuring a 6-axis gyro stabilising system, the drone couldn’t be easier to operate, with the ability to literally launch it from your hand. Beginners will appreciate the headless flying mode that allows easy manoeuvring regardless of the drones positioning, while the hovering capability can also help in this regard.

These features combine well with the quality 2.0MP camera that the Aviax comes with. Offering 720P HD, the camera records with remarkable clarity, which will certainly please children looking to take awesome photos and videos from the skies above.

You can easily store all their footage on the 4GB SD memory card included with the drone, allowing to capture 30 minutes of footage or 8000 photographs, all of which can be easily transferred to a computer for later viewing.

Another impressive aspect of the Aviax is its battery. The 650mAh battery can produce as much as 12 minutes of charge, which is rather high when compared to similarly priced drones. Combine this with a fully charged spare battery and your child can expect over 20 minutes of flight!

Operating the Aviax offers plenty of fun for children too. There’s 3 different speed controls that allow them to practice techniques and getting a better understand of how to operate the drone, but in no time at all they will be making use of the awesome trick buttons such as the 360-degree flips and roll – all of which can be captured in glorious HD!

Moreover, the Aviax has some cool aesthetics that younger users will love. From the black lacquer finish to the inclusion of LED lights, this is a stylish drone that any child will be proud to show off.


  • Stable flight mode that is great for beginners
  • 3 speed settings make it suitable for users of any level
  • Attractive design
  • Impressive battery life


  • No live feed mode from camera
	 Syma X5SC/X5SC-1 Falcon Drone

Syma X5SC/X5SC-1 Falcon Drone

A great price and fantastic design make the Syma X5SC-1 Falcon Drone stand out, but a selection of great features helps to round out a drone that children will love to use.

It boasts a robust design that allows for more stability when in flight, especially in windier conditions. This is a great selling-point as many drones in this price range can be quite difficult to manoeuvre when the weather isnt too great.

The Syma X5SC-1 offers a quality HD camera that can take photographs or video when in flight, although this doesn’t include a live feed option. However, a 4GB SD memory card allows you to save up to 30 minutes of footage or around 800 photos which can then be viewed from a computer.

While the 180-minute charge time is quite long, this can be easily addressed by ordering some additional batteries to use while others are charging. These are readily available for a great price, and will let your child enjoy much longer flight times than the standard eight minute charge the X5SC-1 features.

In fact, Syma have a selection of spare parts available for very little, meaning you child can have a lot of fun repairing and maintaining their drone in the event of any accidental crashes.

Multi-coloured LEDs bring additional style to the drone, which comes in a striking red colour. You can be sure your child will love the overall design, as it’s very stylish, especially when the flown in the dark.

It also features standard functions, such as the 360-degree flip mode. This allows the operator to command the drone to do flips and turns at the push of a button, made all the better when recording footage!


  • Attractive red design with LEDs
  • Stable flying even in windy conditions
  • Fun functions such as 360-degree flips and continuous rolling
  • Spare batteries and propellers cheap and easy to find


  • No Wi-Fi connection so footage must be recorded and viewed later
CX-10WD-TX Cheerson Edition mini drone

CX-10WD-TX Cheerson

Perhaps one of the most impressive aspects regarding the AICase® CX-10WD-TX Cheerson is its size. It is one of the smallest drones available today, although its diminutive stature doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to appreciate.

For instance, despite being very small, the CX-10WD-TX is fitted with a HD camera that can connect wirelessly to smartphone devices, allowing the drone to be controlled from your phone from a live feed.

Better still, any footage or photos can be stored directly onto the phone without the need of a memory card. In terms of distance, the Wi-Fi has a range of around 30m, but this range can be increased if using the remote control, as the CX-10WD-TX can be dual-controlled.

The remote control comes aims to make the drone more user-friendly, so it is a fine option for children as they will be able to easily operate the drones flight. One-touch take off and landing is a prime example of this, as is the hover and three speed mode settings.

Given the small size of the CX-10WD-TX, it is perfect for indoor use, and you can be sure your child will have endless hours of fun manoeuvring the drone in an out of tight spots – it is easy to set up a fun obstacle course inside to test their flying abilities!

While the five-minute fly time may be a nuisance, it does make a lot of sense when you consider just how small a drone this is – it will easily fit in the palm of your hand!

This makes the various flight functions all the more impressive, and the fact that it can fit HD camera that offers live feed from a phone is just incredible.

Children of most ages will love and appreciate this compact yet quality drone, especially when trying to fly it in and out of tight spots!


  • One of the smallest drones currently available
  • HD camera that offers a live feed via smartphone
  • Dual control – operate using a phone or remote control
  • Various flight modes and functions to help kids learn to fly


  • Quite short battery life (five minutes)
Hubsan H107C+ X4 Mini Quadcopter Camera

Hubsan H107C+ X4 Mini Quadcopter Camera

Despite being on the smaller side, the Hubsan H107C+ X4 Mini Quadcopter is one of the more durable drones out there, which is certainly a bonus for any children using it! However, being small also comes with perks, namely the ability to easily launch the quadcopter from the palm of a hand.

The fact that the H107C+ comes with a HD camera is just that bit more impressive- children that want to take aerial photographs or record footage will be able to do so with ease.

A surprising aspect about the Hubsan H107C+ is how strong and stable it is for a small drone. Not only can it perform well outside, but it is also quite robust, usually withstanding crashes without breaking or parts popping off.

Even if it gets crashed frequently, spare parts are very inexpensive so it is easy to stock up on spare parts should anything break. LED lights offer better sight when flown in darker environments, made all the cooler when combined with stunts such as the 360-degree flip mode.

There is a selection of flight modes that allow users of any level to enjoy flying the drone, including both beginner and expert modes. Most kids should pick up the beginner speed in no time, although it may take more practice to master expert mode - a great way to challenge their skills!


  • Strong, durable design
  • Can withstand windier conditions despite small size
  • Various flight modes and functions make flying plenty of fun
  • LED lights for increased visibility
  • Spare parts cheap and easily sourced


  • Expert mode may be tough to manoeuver for some younger children
parrot ar 2.0 drone elite edition

parrot ar 2.0 drone elite edition

While investing in a high-end drone for a child may seem like a risky strategy, there is no denying that it can make the experience of owning a drone so much more enjoyable. For anyone looking for a drone that costs more but can also deliver more, the AR Drone 2.0 Elite Edition Quadricopter worth checking out.

One of the first things you will always notice with a high-end drone is a better battery life, and the Parrot AR is no exception. The 1000mAh lithium polymer battery offers a whopping 12 minutes of battery time, which is seriously impressive for drones, as they are notorious for their short battery-life.

It is also fully controlled using a smartphone device. Simply connect to the drone via Wi-Fi and use the necessary app to start flying straight from a phone or tablet. All of the awesome features and functions are accessed using these controls, and there’s no shortage of amazing extras to keep your child satisfied.

For instance, the AR Drone 2.0 features a 720 HD camera attached at the front of the device to help navigate. The free app will show users exactly how to control their drone, as well as how to record footage and photos, perform stunts, and even share flight data!

Everything can be viewed from the app after landing the drone, meaning the fun doesn’t end once the drone has landed! This will be great for children with an interest in video recording, as they can easily share their footage on YouTube and other platforms shortly after using the drone.

The app also helps beginners get to grips with operating the AR Drone 2.0, including the Absolute Control pilot mode that offers a simple yet effective way to learn how to best control the drone – just tilt the phone and the drone will head in that direction, helping beginners become experts in no time at all!

The AR Drone 2.0 is also a very stable drone, especially when compared to more affordable options that can struggle to stabilise in certain conditions. Here, the drone will automatically stabilise whenever a movement occurs that wasn’t direct from the operator, making it perform better in wind.

While more expensive than other drones, the Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Elite Edition Quadricopter has so much more to offer. Should you and your child be serious about flying drones, then this could be a great option to go for!


  • HD live streaming from tablet/phone
  • High-powered battery
  • User-friendly interface
  • Very stable even when flown outdoors


  • More expensive than other drones

Drone Safety for Kids

Your child will love nothing more than going outdoors and flying their drone, but there are many safety concerns that must be taken into consideration. Some are more obvious than others, while certain safety concerns will be limited to certain age groups, but it never hurts to be too safe!

As a parent, it is your responsibility to get an age-appropriate drone to ensure there is no chance of accidental injuries to you, your child, or any passers-by. Be sure that the drone is for the right age group, and if your kid has younger siblings be sure that they are not allowed to use it!

The most obvious thing to look out for is the actual drone and its components. Drones are fitted with various small parts, many of which come with sharp edges (such as the blades), which could be considered either a choking hazard or just something that may cause a minor graze or bruise if handled incorrectly.

Another clear safety precaution is that you should always be there to supervise, especially for younger users. Of course, you may feel comfortable allowing them to use it unsupervised down the line; as with any toy it’s your decision and only you will know what’s best for your child’s safety.

Additionally, you will be responsible for ensuring your child only flies in suitable locations. There’s a lot of new laws and regulations rolling out to ensure that airspace remains as safe as possible with drones added into the mix, so be sure to research your local areas for information around restricted airspace.

A good idea is to download the Drone Assist App. It’s a drone safety app developed by the UK’s leading air traffic control provider NATS that shows users an interactive map of any commercial airspace in use.

This allows you to see what airspaces should be avoided and where it’s a good idea to exercise caution, while also highlighting any other hazards on the ground or potential privacy risks that are best left alone.

Drone Advice – Tips and Tricks for Operating Drones

Finding the perfect drone for a child is one thing, but successfully operating it is an entirely new game. For the most part, children can easily operate drones and have a great time doing so, yet there are some ways you can help prepare them for the fun!

Consider Flying Modes

One big selling-point for a kid-friendly drone is the option to change flying modes. Many will offer the ability to switch between assisted and manual flying modes, offering various degrees of control over the drone.

This can be especially useful for helping younger children get to grips with the ins and outs of drone flying, allowing them to understand how a drone reacts to certain commands.

Better still, assisted flying can be turned off once they are comfortable operating manually, giving them full control over the drone.

Be Mindful of the Weather

If there’s one thing that many first-time drone pilots overlook, it’s the weather. There are obvious indicators that the weather isnt suitable for flying, namely when its pouring of rain, but the wind plays arguably a larger role when flying a drone.

For example, you can know exactly how to operate a drone and still find it gets blown off course due to the wind, so be mindful of this whenever taking your child out to play with the drone -you don’t want to leave them disappointed after all!

With that being said, mastering the techniques for flying during windier weather is a fun challenge that you can both enjoy. Children shouldn’t struggle too much with picking up the nuances of flying when windy, so it is a good idea to allow them to practice at lower heights on windy days to familiarise themselves with different techniques.

Recovering Your Drone

Not everyone realises that when operating a drone, it can easily travel long distances that make it hard to locate and return, even more so if the battery where to die! However, most will come with some type of return button, while many others can be tracked directly if fitted with a GPS tracker.

Be sure to make the most of these features, otherwise you could end up wasting time looking for a lost drone!


Being more readily available has allowed quadcopters to become much lower in price, including the various spare parts needed should something break. And if you’re being honest, there is a good chance that your child (or possibly you!) could end up damaging it.

Thankfully, repairing most of these drones will be a piece of cake; at most you need to order some spare parts!

So, be sure to make this a great lesson in repairing, as it will serve as a fun experience and helps to educate your child on aspects of engineering and aviation. Teach them how to replace a broken propeller or install a new battery – there’s many repairs that can easily be administered by children!

Battery Life

There aren’t many children that dislike playing with their drone, but there is one aspect that will certainly infuriate them at least once – battery life.

Most drones carry a somewhat limited battery life, especially when being frequently used. This is why it’s a great idea to prepare for the inevitable disappointment of a dead battery by buying in a few spares.

Replacement batteries are inexpensive, meaning you buy several of them to use at any given time. It is a great way to allow your child to keep flying the drone even if a battery dies, and you can recharge the dead batteries while the charged ones are being used.

Drones For Kids
  • Beginner Drones


There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to buying toy drones for kids and beginners. Be sure to check the manufacturer recommended age range when you are buying and follow safety procedures and local laws to keep everyone safe.

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