Drones Protecting People in Mount Pleasant

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Across the world at present, it’s very easy to find stories that show just how unprotected we are. Even with heavy police presence and in the most affluent of areas, we are never truly safe – there’ll likely never be enough law enforcement to keep everyone safe. However, the police have acknowledged this and – in a quest to find the best ways to protect the public – have turned to technology.

Don’t worry, they haven’t created war mechs or guns that shoot through walls – at least not yet. What the police of Mount Pleasant are doing, though, is using drones for assistance.

You won’t quite be getting stopped by Sargent Drone just yet, but it might not be too far away in the future!

Tackling crime head on in areas like MP means being smart and innovative. Well, you can’t get much more innovative than a drone assisting you. The interest has skyrocketed as people always look into the newest ways police are using to keep us safe. It might just be that using a drone to help police the streets might be one of the smartest and most innovative creations that we have seen from drone technology so far!

Why Will Drones Help The Police?

The idea is to take to the skies using this new mechanical ally of the law, and to use its HD camera to survey the area more effectively. It allows for a wider angle of view for areas that police are trying to protect. From private property to shopping malls, now police can reduce the chance of vandalism, assault, break-ins and attacks.

However, it also gives the police a huge aid for less serious situations. For example, the drone could be flying up in the sky to give a good birds eye view of a bridge during rush hour. It can be used for Children’s Day Festival events and large public gatherings to look out for suspicious activity, and to deal with problems before they get the chance to escalate.

This might seem like a simple and minimal improvement, but surveillance that is here to help stop problems at the source should never be underestimated. With the capacity to fly as high as 400ft in the air, too, this drone has all the potential tools needed to make Mount Pleasant a more, well, pleasant place to live!

Another reason why it may be so useful to the law, though, is that it can help catch crooks. People hiding on roofs and in back yards trying to avoid being caught by the police are very much likely to be caught using this tech. You can hide from cops, but you can’t hide from a mechanical device who is only looking to find you!

This could be used for anything from catching thieves to looking for missing children. It could be an incredibly powerful tool and it would not surprise that, should it be a success in Mount Pleasant, to see this rolled out in the near future.
Photo Copyright: goce / 123RF Stock Photo

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