FDS Large Syma X6 4 Axis 4CH Drone

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FDS Large Syma X6
  • FDS Large Syma X6

FDS Large Syma X6 4 Axis 4H Drone

The FDS Large Syma X6 4 Axis 4H Drone is a multi-function Quadcopter that combines cutting edge technology and high-end features to provide its users with a magical drone flying session. The drone comes with a special continuous rolling function and a 360 degree 3D function for capturing the best footage and image shots. In addition to this, the drone has a night mode flying feature powered by on-board LED flashing light. Enclosed in a hard material protective cover, the drone is resistant to impact. The drone uses a powerful 7.4V 850mAh Li-Po battery with a charging time of 120 minutes and a 7-8 minutes flight time.

The remote control enabled FDS Large Syma X6 4 Axis 4H Drone has a control range of about 50 metres and measures 58cm X 56cm X 10cm. this absolutely amazing drone can be used by both novice users and expert drone fliers. Its great ease of use makes it an ideal quadcopter for novice and inexperienced users to perfect their drone flying skills. However, the drone does not come with an on-board camera and as such; users are required to attach their own cameras. Any Go-Pro camera works excellently with the drone.


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