Google Plan Office Drones – Fact or Fiction?

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Over the last few years, the world of drone technology has been changing, improving and getting more immersive than expected. This was a market that was supposed to take years to kick off – well, that’s no longer the case. This is shown best by the new plan that Google has come up with; to make video conferencing easy and effective.

A major problem on the business market is that setting up meetings via video is a costly, buggy and unreliable medium for many. However, a new Google patent looks set to make a change to this. Much like something from our favorite sci-fi movies, Google wants to bring the faces of our colleagues right to us – with a drone.

This new awarded patent showcases a tiny drone that is fitted with a small screen. This could then provide a virtual version of the person that is being spoken to. This could be powered via a cellphone in the drone, an internet connection or even by remote pairing with another device.

Whilst many are writing this off as nothing more than a new tech gimmick, others are far more receptive to the idea.

The Design

Shaped like the traditional quadcopter style, this drone is going to come with a fairly standardized design spec. The standard setup would allow for simple and easy hovering, and simple control by the operator.

However, another version of the drone was also shown; this version would make the most of a projection camera which is attached to the body. This would display an image below, a little like a hologram of sorts. It all sounds very ‘new age’ but it’s just smart technical design.

The Reality

However, the problem is that at this moment it’s not a reality, it’s only a patent. Patents are signed all the time and nothing ever even slightly comes from their creation. However, the ambitions of Google regarding creating exciting and unique drone tech – and making it mainstream – is hardly a secret.

A drone of this kind is hardly beyond the realms of possibility any longer, too. The main concern has been making sure the Drone knows how to avoid people and doesn’t become a mobile weapon around the conference room. Well, with the likes of the DJI Phantom already getting great at dodging humans, a bit of extra calibration wouldn’t be impossible.

The main concern, really, is to do with battery life and even the viability. This all sounds very cool but it might not last the length of the call, and it’s likely to be pretty loud in an office environment. That is likely to put a large chunk of people off using this kind of hardware.

It might be farfetched, but it’s a progressive sign.

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