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Getting a suitable drone for any of your GoPro cameras is not as simple a task as people think. With the many drone manufacturing companies releasing their products in the market, you can easily purchase a low quality gadget that will not serve you or your GoPro camera as expected. We have taken a lot of the leg work and research off your hands. Below are what we at consider some of the Best Drones For GoPro cameras.

 DJI Phantom 2

DJI Phantom 2 drone for goproIf you are searching for a higher-end GoPro compatible drone that will give perfect synchronisation with a GoPro, the Phantom 2 is the answer. It is different from other Phantom versions by offering flexible flight patterns and longer flight period.




– It is specifically designed for GoPro cameras
– The dimensions are 20 x 10 x 14 inches
– The total view range is up to 300 meters
– The payload is designed for low weight action cameras like the GoPro
– Convenient and reliable battery with up to 25 minutes of flight time

Features and benefits
Mounting your valuable GoPro camera to drones can be tricky and you don’t want to risk losing it or cause it to dji phantommalfunction. That is why you need a powerful and stable drone such as the DJI Phantom 2. This drone is ranked as one of the best if not the best match for GoPro accessories. It will keep your camera stable and safe for the best action shooting.

It is an upgraded version that comes enhanced with a propulsion system, wire-less remote controller and advanced compass. In case you have the previous version, it is advisable to get the latest Phantom 2 and access upgraded features plus other GoPro compatible extras.

If you get yourself this gadget, the package has the Zenmuse Gimbal H4-3D which is compatible for Hero 4. Although the package does not include the GoPro camera, the gadget has a 3 axis feature to further improve your use with Hero 4 GoPro.

Any drone user will not have to worry about using the Phantom 2 upgraded remote. The remote control system has Gimbal dial for easy control, an in-built rechargeable battery and a trainer port. The gimbalt provides excellent stability and smooth recording.

Recording your memorable moments or other aerial footage is simplified through longer flight time. When fully charged, this quadcopter can fly for up to 25 minutes. It is possible due to the included 5,200-mAh lithium polymer battery.

To achieve the best camera stabilisation, it has an Independent IMU to track tilts and movements in real time. The integrated Inertial Measurement Unit constantly collects precise drone information and feeds it to the Gimbal. The IMU communicates with the Gimbal to inform you about the drone’s flying condition and the counter force required to keep the camera still. This feature auto-updates itself every millisecond.

No real technical skills are required to use it as it comes assembled and ready to fly straight from the box. All that is required is to attach the propellers in position, place batteries in the remote control and fully charge the drone battery before use. Although there have been many other quads built with the GoPro in mind since the Phantom 2 hit the market, most have failed to match its performance.




3DR Solo Aerial Drone

3dr-solo-drone-for-goproIf you are looking for the new generation of smart drone, then 3DR’s Solo Drone is advanced technology. It features amazing characteristics that make it controllable by anybody from a simple multi-functional remote control. You can connect multiple other devices to this drone and use all at the same time. It uses the 3DR Solo app.

– It has live HD GoPro stream to Android and iOS
– Has Smart Shot ability to take shot whenever you want
– The processor is 1 GHZ and enhanced with Pixhawk flight control
– You can purchase an extra 3-Axis Gimbal to get the best from this drone
– Operates all the functions through Solo app

Features and benefits
It has a solo control unit similar to that of video game controllers to make you feel naturally comfortable from the start. The controller has additional flight control sticks and one-touch flight buttons. The best part is that it includes auto take-off and land, auto return home and land, plus pause buttons which are idea for gopro drones.

Using this drone will see you have complete control of your GoPro camera for easier aerial photography. The camerasolo-3dr-controller can be tilted, increase and reduce speed, instant photo capture and start or stop recording during the flight. With all these controllable abilities, you view every action through live stream to your mounted phone.

The controller has a 1GHZ computer that powers WIFI for connectivity to the drone. The controller is also HDMI enabled through a port for live broadcast of GoPro HD videos. This features enable you to send live videos to any device you wish and at the same time access it from your mobile phone.

It has a safety button that pauses immediately with a single press. This action brings your drone to mid-air halt. For improved security, the controller acts as the ‘black box’ of the 3DR Solo where its computer automatically saves valuable data every 20 seconds.

The manufacturing company, 3DR, worked directly with GoPro to give your camera Solo Gimbal intelligence for automatic perfect shots. You also get reliable and solid footage and GoPro control from the drone’s control unit. It is even possible to access the GoPro charging system and give your recording a long-range HD video feed.

It is unique as you have multiple viewing options. Get to choose between live camera view from GoPro or the satellite map view. You can also view the two options by swiping to split the screen. Monitor your flight paths, geographical location or simultaneously monitor the live feed.

The complete set of device functions is available through the wireless Solo app. The app handles all the updates and does not require any extra accessories. The Solo app is also responsible for any problem alerts and allows you to contact support on the go, even while using the drone.






XT-XINTE GPS Quadcopter CX-20 Drone GoPro

XT-XINTE Cheerson GPSAnother drone for gopro that has high ratings on Amazon is the XT-XINTE GPS Quadcopter CX-20. While it costs considerably less than the Phantom 2, it also has much less flight time at around 10-15 minutes. However as far as value for money goes it is definetely an attractive option in the lower end price range for drones for GoPro cameras. It has Intelligent orientation control and auto pathfinder functions and comes in a compact atrratcive design.





Cheerson CX-20 4GHz RC.4-AxisThe Cheerson CX-20 quadcopter is an auto-pathfinder aircraft FPV drone RTF that comes with GPS connection for use. The drone comes with an attractive and a highly integrated design that is very compatible with the GoPro camera. The design ensures that it’s very easy for the user to pack the drone into a backpack for easy transport. With this design, you can easily mount your GoPro camera or any other similar device one on the drone’s Auto-Pathfinder so as to shoot the best footage from the air. It comes with an external mount to attach the GoPro.

The ready to fly design of the drone makes it one of the best drones for the GoPro camera as the hardware and its software come tuned for use before delivery. You can attach your GoPro and be up and flying in minutes.  All that you need to do is to attach the propellers, charge the LiPo and then install the transmitter batteries before use.

Since the Auto-Pathfinder comes with a remote controller as well as a receiver, the user won’t have to make other purchases to get in the air. The remote controller is one that is compatible with the GoPro camera and you can control the capturing of images from a distance of 300 meters. With the frequency hopping anti-interference design, it  enables the use of multiple remote controllers that can work well with the GoPro camera of the drone.

The MX autopilot system of the drone allows the user to have greater control during flight so that you can focus on taking great aerial footage. With this system, it makes the drone have higher stability as well as flexibility that is suitable for the beginner as well as experienced flyers to have a perfect shooting and recording session.

With the two flight modes that includes hold and hover functions, you can pause mid-flight to capture outstanding images or video of your choice..

So as to get the best position for shooting and using the GoPro camera, the drone has Intelligent Orientation Control. You can use the forward direction or nose direction for your quadcopter to record at different angles which provides a different dimension to your photography.




Parrot AR. Drone 2.0 Power Edition Quadcopter

Parrot AR. Drone 2.0 Power Edition QuadcopterThe Parrot made AR. Drone comes as an advanced ready to fly device that is also Wi-Fi controlled. It is one of most used for GoPro cameras that you can use for indoor or outdoor flights. What makes this choice very popular among aerial photographers is the ability to capture all the action for long periods of time compared to other drones as it contains 2x high-density polymer batteries that provide thirty-six minutes of flight. Bear in mind the 36 min flight time will be reduced when you add additional weight like a camera, although it still out performs many others in flight time with accessories attached.

The four sets of different propellers provides stability and flexibility so you can use the GoPro camera and get the perfect image while the device is in a stable recording position. By tilting a smartphone or your tablet, you can steer the drone using virtual joysticks for the autopilot take off or even hover around before you land.

While using the GoPro camera, you can get live streaming from the recording directly to your smartphone, tablet or PC. You also get the videos recording on the micro SD card and the player has precision control of all the recording. For quality operations when using the AR Drone 2.0, you will require a Smartphone or Tablet.

For increased stability when using the GoPro camera with this quadcopter at any altitude, it comes with an innovative pressure sensor. It can also perform the 360-degree flips to give user an opportunity for some stunt flying and to capture images from many angles.

The Parrot AR. Drone 2.0 Power Edition Quadcopter has been very well put together and is a very attractive option for GoPro users who may not want to spend more money on the likes of the DJI Phantom or the DJI 1 Inspire.




Walkera QR X350 Pro FPV

Walkera QR X350 UAV droneThe Walkera QR X350 Pro FPV GPS RC Quadcopter DEVO 10  is reviewed as one of the best GoPro compatible drones to come out this year. Like most other drones, it does come with a mounting kit for a camera so htat cost must be considered. It has  the return home function of like all the others. It is, however, a bit more challenging to get off the ground than some of the other drones. It does manoeuvre well and fly faster, but this may not be the ideal choice for someone’s first drone.

The autopilot helicopter RC quadcopter drone for aerial viewing comes with an altitude hold system and DEVO 10 transmitter radio. The RTF GoPro full version autopilot altitude sensor enables the drone to have the safe fall feature.

There is also the optional anti-vibration camera mount that ensures your GoPro camera gets the stability it needs for the user to get smooth, bright and clean recordings. The GPS altitude hold system ensures that the GoPro camera remains stable during the take offs and when landing.

With the low battery level protection feature of the aircraft, it ensures that the drone and its components remain protected from unesseccary crashes. You will also enjoy around ten to fifteen minutes of flight.

When using the GoPro drone camera for recording, for the pilot to enjoy the aeroview, the QR X350 can quickly upgrade to FPV system. With one key press, the drone will automatically return and land back home safely.





Gopro HERO4 camera for drones

The original GoPro camera

In 2002, Nick Woodman founded the GoPro company based on a vision of enabling amateur photographers and thrill seekers to take professional looking action photographs and videos without the expense of hiring a professional photographer and without the hassle of that photographer having to follow along the way. A surfing vacation in Australia during which he hired a professional photographer who was unable to get any quality pictures for him to share his experience once he got home led to his inspiration.

The original GoPro camera was a wearable and mountable 35mm camera. It revolutionised personal videos and photography, especially for those afore-mentioned thrill seekers and action sports enthusiasts. A GoPro user could take pictures and video while on the trails with a mountain bike, while skiing or snowboarding, and, of course, while surfing.


In the ensuing years GoPro, as a company, has grown vastly, and their products have advanced with the available technology as well. They now offer a series of digital, high definition, mountable cameras to create and edit high quality videos that allow their customers to share their memories and adventures for years to come.

Not long after GoPro started hitting their stride in the camera market, personal remote controlled drones became popular. A descendent of remote control planes and helicopters that were influenced by the American military’s use of unmanned drones to monitor activity on the ground in the war on terror, these lighter, more affordable drones came on the market for personal use around 2007.

Personal Use of Drones

And there are a variety of personal uses. From farmers monitoring crops and herds from the air to photographers taking panoramic shots from the air to hobbyists merely having fun with aerial videos, personal drones are here to stay, and they have formed a perfect marriage with mountable cameras, especially with GoPro’s Hero series of cameras, the industry leaders.

The series starts with the base model Hero, priced at £109.99. Like all GoPro cameras, it provides wide-angled, high definition video, and is controllable with an app that’s compatible with smart phones and tablets for easy sharing and editing of videos. If you’re just out to have fun taking video from a drone, this is probably the camera for you. The Hero+, priced at £169.99, doesn’t offer much of an upgrade, unless you want to use it for photographs. It offers an 8 megapixel (MP) camera (over the Hero’s 5MP), and it has more options for taking burst photos, as well.

The GoPro Hero4

The Hero4 Session and the Hero+ LCD are both great, and they’re both better choices if you want to do more with your GoPro than just take some video with your drone. The Hero+ LCD does have a touch screen, but my personal preference would be the Hero4 Session. I would opt for using the smart phone app over the LCD screen to get the more advanced video editing and field of view options of the Hero4 Session.

Now the Hero4 Silver and the Hero4 Black are hiher spec devices and are amazing instruments. They take remarkable, cinema quality video. The options for burst shots are also noteworthy, and the advanced ability to take photos and videos at night would be worth it, if you need that option. If you’re just having fun with a drone, these probably aren’t the cameras for you, but if you can get some use out of the advanced features, they’re both amazing pirces of technlogy.

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