How To Make Money With Your Drone

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make-money-with-your-droneA few years ago, drones were seen as nothing more than fancy toys for the super-rich or gimmicky surveillance equipment for top-level security and military forces.  But fast-forward and a decade down the line, it has become incredibly easier and cheaper to acquire and get even high sepc uav’s that have fantastic capabilities.

The opportunities of commercializing a drone are even better and bigger, especially with the giant strides that have been made in the  over the past five years in producing powerful quadcopters as smaller devices. And if you have been looking for profitable ways to make a decent side income from your newly acquired drone, then here’s a quick primer on some of the best, simple ways of turning your drone into a cash churning machine.

1. Try Real Estate Photography

The best real estate agents know that clients are inclined to gravitate towards fabulous-looking property especially if they are basing their opinion on photos or a photography-oriented portfolio. And this is where it gets interesting. Unlike photos that are taken from the ground, a drone can give a realtor an edge on the competition using the flattering aerial angles that are a characteristic of overhead shots. Furthermore, given that most DSLRs nowadays can be easily mounted and activated on a drone, then it’s possible to capture and sell high-resolution, glossy photos of prime property to real estate agents. Even better, if you’re really good at it, you can insist on signing a monthly or yearly contract for them to make use of your services.

2. Wedding Photography

It is no secret that bridal events are increasingly becoming a heavily commercialised affair. People are now willing to churn out that extra pound to make their special occasion more memorable than the next. And what’s a better way of doing this than by capturing key moments ( such as the couple kissing ) from a unique angle?
Professional wedding photographers know that it takes well calculated shots and images to bait and keep new clients. Hiring your drone for a few hours to take photos during an event may provide that breath of fresh air needed to set them apart from the competition.  Read our drone reviews.

3. Survey and Mapping

Did you know that there are large tracks of land in the UK that are yet to be properly mapped or demarcated? Surveyors have recently started hiring drones to assist them in the mapping out of boundaries and undocumented terrains on their properties. Not only are drones cheaper than contracting satellite images from space, but they can fly, get up close and capture more detailed images of the swathe of land in question than you can get from satellite images.
4. Shooting Music Vides, TV Shows, Promotions and Mini-movies

This is where there is a tonne of money to be made. Unlike all the above ideas, which can get you just a few hundred at the most, you can make thousands by specialising on using your drone in the film and entertainment industry.

Both local and international artists are always looking for ways to outpace others by putting together well thought out video clips. The latest trend has been employing drones to film videos and movies from very attractive and unusual angles. And as expected, the cheques here are a bit heftier given that it easy nowadays to profit from the commercials and videos shot. If anything, this might be one of the few ways you can use your drone for the shortest time and still make a lot of money in the process.

5. Use Your Drone Set-Up To Cover Live Sport Matches

This applies mainly to small league games that are yet to enjoy the perks of commercial live coverage. It is an opportunity that is yet to be fully exploited and with a few connections, you can easily win a contract to cover a couple of live soccer, cricket or hockey matches using your drone. Of course, you will need to collaborate with a commentary on the ground for the audio, but, hey, splitting a fat cheque has never been a problem. The best part of this is that you won’t have to commit 100% of your time in filming the matches thus allowing you ample of time and resources to venture in another profitable niche as an additional side hustle. Check out the best drones for GoPro cameras if you are considering getting into aerial photography.

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