HUAJUN U–FLY W606 Quadcopter Drone

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HUAJUN U–FLY W606–3 5.8G FPV 2 Mega Camera 2.4G 4 Channel 6-axis Gyro Quadcopter

This quadcopter, suitable for drone flyers with an intermediate level of experience and skill, comes with an innovative ‘headless mode’, smooth hovering function and 360-degree rollover, for exciting flight and fantastic visuals.

Key Features of the HUAJUN U – FLY W606

  • 8G high-frequency image transmission means you can view all captured images in real-time.
  • The 2-megapixel camera records beautiful images and videos in unforgettable HD.
  • Automatic return function means you’ll never lose your quadcopter – call it back to your base point quickly and safely.
  • Flight time of between 8-10 minutes. Charging takes between 150 and 180 minutes.
  • Lightweight quadcopter, weighing just 600g.
  • The package comes with one quadcopter, one transmitter, two propellers, two sets of landing gear, a screwdriver for easy assembly, a 4G SD card, a card reader, an instruction manual, charger, battery, FPV monitor and cable.
  • 6-axis gyro built into the device.
  • 360-degree rollover capabilities, allowing for total flexibility and plenty of fun in the air.
  • Bright, flashing LED light makes night flying safer and more secure.

The Review

The Huajun U-Fly W606-3 is an affordable quadcopter in the mould of the Lily drone, making it a perfect choice for those who don’t want to splash out on the more expensive version. Ranked as a drone for those of intermediate skill and experience, this excellent product comes with everything you could need to fly it right out of the box, as well as an additional SD card and a card reader, to ensure you can view your photos and videos easily.

Measuring in at 450mm x 450mm x 150mm, this isn’t the smallest drone on the market – but that works in its favour. The drone has additional stability, which is assisted by the superb ‘altitude hold’ feature. For those who are purchasing this drone purely for its aerial photography capabilities, the altitude hold option will be a welcome addition, as it keeps the drone steady enough for you to capture wonderful images above the ground. Altitude hold appears to be something of a trend in the latest generation of quadcopter drones, and the Huajun U-Fly carries it off perfectly.

huajun-u-fly-w606-quadcopter-controllerAnother exciting feature of the Huajun U-Fly is the so-called ‘headless mode’. This sophisticated feature means users don’t have to worry about flipping their drone. With a 6-axis gyroscope, it doesn’t matter which way your drone is facing – hitting left on your controller will always make the drone move left, and the same goes for every other directional option.

The one-key return function is also great for those still getting to grips with the controls. If users feel the drone is getting out of control, they simply push a key on the controller and it overwrites all current instructions, returning the drone to the ‘home’ point safely.


The Conclusion

This drone is simply ideal for those who want the style and function of the Lily quadcopter (which is still not available), without paying the same price. With an abundance of excellent features and high-quality image and video tools, this drone is a great addition to any aerial photographer’s kit.

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  • HUAJUN U–FLY W606 Quadcopter

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