New Drone Could Stay in Air 24/7

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For some time now, one of the biggest complaints regarding drone technology has been their inability to stay in the air for long enough. Limited flight capacity means that many are willing to put their love of the drone down until a newer model comes out that can actually fly for longer. Well, a solution might be on the horizon thanks to the University of Southampton.

Along the South Coast, experts have created a rather wonderful unmanned aircraft system that uses a powered tether to provide flight time that is limitless. Developers believe it could be cost-effective to create and would be much better as a solution for, say, aerial monitoring and surveillance.

Since aerial surveillance in the drone format has to come down and get recharged, efficiency is still sketchy at best. For this to be truly effective, stationary but constantly floating drones could be a more powerful route of change.
A New Era?

This creation was put together by the UoS as well as Cardinal Security, an Essex-based security firm. CS wanted to put together a new observation platform tool that could be used for higher security than ever before.
The plan is that, if it works out, it could be used for anything from rescue missions at sea and land or to take in large surveillance of major complexes. Now problems, intrusions and incidents could be spotted with a matter of seconds rather than hours, as it would take with just a human on hand.

Seemingly, security organizations and the military have been trying to move towards this kind of security platform for many years. When you see how many benefits it holds over normal security, too, it can be easily be seen as a progressive project.

The limitations in everything from height and endurance in drones to other solutions like helium balloons means that, as it stands, the tethered drone might be the best option we can realistically create.

With poor flight endurance and a lack of energy for flight, its’ going to be pretty tough to give a drone the kind of kick it would need to be a strong and stable ally for security. However, if it could fly up 24/7 thanks to using the tether then you have just become a far more reliable security option.

Constant Generation
So long as this tool had a connection to the fuel tank and also a generator on the ground to keep it filled up, this could fly up in the sky for good. Even if the claim of “just” 22 hours of flight before assistance was needed could be accomplished, it would still move the drone-based security industry far beyond where it stands today.
This wouldn’t just be a big company option, either. It could easily be tied to a truck, for example, and it could be up in the air in a matter of seconds for full visibility all around you. With pricing points of $75,000 starting, though, tethered drones may still be exclusive!

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