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Quadra-box QB1 Drone CaseFor a long time drones were limited to either ‘toys’ costing £100 – £200 or professional rigs going into the £1000’s. This is mirrored in the existing ecosystem and accessory market which is tailored to pro’s offering high end, high spec and high cost solutions. Only in the last couple of years has DJI and the Phantom 3, also now the Phantom 4, spurred the emergence of a new sector, the prosumer market. Now, for the first time ever an enthusiast can buy a fully capable drone for under £500. That’s where QB1 comes in. QB1’s compact hard case design surpasses the protection offered by cheaper backpacks while still maintaining their portability its price point makes it an affordable option to the average prosumer.


A QUADRA-BOX spokesperson said, “One of the things we want to get right is our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. First on the agenda is waste. We do not want to create a new case for each drone launched. Given the world seems to be on an annual upgrade cycle a new dedicated case each year is going to get very expensive, not just for us in terms of stockholding, research and development etc etc but also for our customers.

If we can keep the existing case and make small simple customisations to accommodate the new drone then this is the way to go. It creates far less waste and represents MUCH better value for our customers. This is why we have chosen a light, crisp foam put together in layers. Any cutting or customisations are made easier and the results look great. In our testing it was far easier to work with this constuction than a single solid block with a felt topper.

Follow the links below to read more about QUADRA-BOX’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and watch the ‘Custom Fitting for QB1 for Phantom 4’ video