Skull RC Quadcopter – Haloween Drone

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If you are looking for a remote controlled drone quadcopter with a dark sense of humour this could be just the piece of kit for you.

Halloween style madness with a great price tag!  This awesome 6 axis gyro quadcopter has been designed to resemble a ghostly figure in white complete with blood stains, bony fingers and eery green skull.  Okay, so maybe it isn’t the most terrifying thing we have ever seen, but coming at you out of nowhere on a dark All Hallows Eve when the atmosphere is already set, we imagine it could be a mildly scary sight.  Even it if isn’t terrifying it is however, oodles of awesome fun, and the glowing green skull with flowing white robes does cut a pretty ghoulish picture as the drone hovers past you.

Easy control features

The remote control skull features 2 speeds, perfect for luring your prey into a false sense of security, pursue them on low speed, and when they think they can run away, kick it up to fast.  It has the ability to fly sideways, forwards and back, and an impressive 360 degrees spin.  If you think you have scared your victim enough there is also a one key return – perfect if you are laughing too much to fly straight.

Charging and flying time

For the more technical minded this is a 2.4GHz, 4 channel, lithium battery set up. Charging wise you are looking at 150-200 minutes, and it has been noted that a less than full battery might cause initial life problems so make sure it is full.  A full charge will give you a reasonable 6-8 minutes flying time.  This is a great choice for a drone flying novice as it is easy to control.  It has a detailed control distance of 80-100m, meaning you can be a reasonable distance away hiding behind a tree to scare your mates. The actual drone is 75cm tall making it quite an impressive looking copter in flight.

In the box you will find the quadcopter, a transmitter, a battery, 4 spare propellers and a handy screwdriver which saves you having to play hunt the screwdriver that fits.

Over all this is a great novelty drone that would make an excellent standalone piece of kit, or a great addition to a larger collection of technology that flies.  The price is low making it affordable for kids and adults alike and the creepy skull head is a decent piece of fun.  Highly recommended for Halloween or any other dark night you want to prank a friend.

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