Syma X-5C Explorers 2.4-G 4-CH RC Quad copter with Gyro lights Review

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Syma X-5C Explorers
  • Syma X-5C Explorers

syma-x5c-quadopter-droneThe Syma X5C Quadcopter Drone is considered the best entry level drone on the market with features and capabilities that make it outstanding value for money. It is equipped with a HD camera which makes photos and video footage very clear for a uav in this price range, can fly up to 50 metres away, can do 360 degree flips and costs less than an average restaraunt meal. The drones also come in a variety of designs and colours from which you can choose.




But before going much into the description of the Syma drone in our review, let’s first look at the product features.

Features at a Glance
-HD Camera (can be attached or detached)
-360-degree eversion
-Hover Capability
-6-axis gyroscope
-100X faster radio control
– Bonus prop guard for safety
-Indoor/ outdoor flight capability
-Modular designs
-Remote control distance of up to 50 metres

Syma X5c Remote and Speed

One of the most outstanding features of the Syma X5C drone is its remote. You can control the x5c-remote-controlremote using the right/ left hand throttle which is changeable via the transmitter. The remote control can also perfectly fit in your hand so making positional manoeuvres is quite easy. It does not come with 1.5V AAA batteries which means you have to purchase some before attempting a flight but that is not going to put me off this fantastic quadcopter. Designed with spectrum technology, the drone is capable of covering more distance under control compared to other brands currently available in this price range. While the estimated maximum distance for the X5C Syma drone is 50 metres, numerous tests have confirmed that you can go well over 100 metres or so without losing contact at any point. And what’s more, its inbuilt technology allows for superfast control. Upon hitting the directional left, right or centre direction, you’ll realize the drone reacts accordingly which makes it one of the most efficient and responsive drones on the market today.

Agility, Speed and Control

The Syma X5C drone quadcopter is very agile with good capabilities, allowing you to perform 360 degree flips with ease, although it recommended to only perform flips while flying at a minimum height of around 15-20 feet. The 6-axis gyro stabilization system is there to ensure the stability and flexibility of the drone when flying in low to moderate winds. The model has greater stability on 10 mph or less winds and you have numerous options of control including up and down, left and right, forward and backward as well as left and right. While the stability and speed of a drone are important aspects any pilot should consider, there are no established figures on how fast the Syma X5C quad can go but it is definitely very quick and nimble and will not disappoint on this front.

Syma X5C Enhanced Video Recording

Though the X5C is designed with simplicity in mind, it comes with powerful features meant for good image capturing as well as video recording. The model is a good choice for all beginners looking for an entry into to the quadcopter hobby or just to have great fun with. It’s also a perfect choice if you are an experienced pilot that would want to add a new drone to your fleet but do not wish to spend a lot of money. A typical X5C can record a video of up to 3 minutes on a standard SD card but it can go way up to 7 minutes or more with an SD card that has a larger memory space. The memory card is easily inserted and removed by just pushing on the storage mount on the back of the camera.

The Modular Design of the X5C

A modular design makes it easy to swap parts more quickly and easily and is particularly ideal for beginners because of the tendency to crash a lot when flying. Even experienced pilots are bound to crash too so the device is suitable for pilots of any age. The model comes with propeller guards for protecting propellers whenever you crash and burn. While major accidents witnessed crashing into a pavement, getting stuck in a tree and accidentally landing in a lake, the X5C is extremely strong and durable and can withstand quite a bit of abuse. With an approximate battery flight of about seven minutes, it has a flight time comparable to many more expensive models and is enough time to have fun or record any footage you need. There is also the option of buying higher powered batteries to get even more flying time. Most people will buy a few spare batteries and have them charged and with them when they have their drone with them. This allows them to quickly swap out the battery and continue to enjoy flying uninterrupted.

The Camera
SYMA-X5C-cameraThe X5C’s camera is a 2MP and capable of recording 720p video as well. You can comfortably take images and record videos of the roof of  ypur house, or of your children playing in the garden or park from above which makes for fantastic aerial footage you would otherwise not be able to get. And since the camera is replaceable, you can invest in a more advanced camera for you to enjoy even more amazing aerial photography. Again, Syma offers an X5 that does not include the camera for a little less but I would highly recommend you go for the model with a camera. It is only few pounds more and is definitely worth it for the ability to record your adventures
The camera can be removed by unplugging the connector and taking out a single screw. This makes the device even lighter which enables you to fly even faster and further.


-The X5C is very stable in calm and windless weather
-It comes with a package that includes blades that serve as a protective guard
-It’s so easy to fly and control with great accuracy
-Comes with a manual that’s translated into English and very easy to understand

-Has battery life that lasts for 7-10 minutes between charges, although good, many would like it to be longer.
-The X5C comes with a 2 MP camera that may not be suitable for professional photography

The X5C drone has been rated as one of the top models of the Syma brand and there are viable reasons why you would want to buy it: you might be interested in photography but would want to work with something cheaper than than an expensive DJI Phantom drone and/or you want a cool gadget to play around with during your free time. Its price is quite low for a drone but the quality and value you’ll get from the product is just incredible. Based on the fact that it’s cheap and sturdy, you can fly without any fear of breaking the bank if something goes wrong. So whether you are a beginner or RC hobbyist of many years, you will definetely enjoy the Syma X5C drone.


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