The Best Mini Drones

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What is the Best Mini Drone/Micro Drone?

There are various micro drones and mini drones that will give you an excellent flying experience. These mini quadcopters do vary based on features and the price. Below are what we believe to be some of the best mini drones that will ensure you get the best flight both indoor and outdoor and some of them have quality cameras to record your experiences.

Parrot Airbourne Cargo Mini Drone

Best Mini Drone UK

The Parrot Airborne Cargo Mini Drone (ACD) is a brilliant example of engineering paired with a sleek design, with a large set of features to boast about.

  • The ACD is a flying robot suitable for operation both indoors and out, piloted using Bluetooth or a free application for smartphones and tablets.
  • Another feature of this quadcopter is the number of flight sensitive sensors. These utilise technology usually reserved for much larger models in a more compact fashion.
  • A specialist 3-axis accelerometer and gyroscope measure and analyse each subtle movement or rotation of the drone, and the autopilot automatically adjusts the position. The quad has a battery life of 9 minutes, and recharges in an hour for efficiency.
  • The ACD achieves speeds of up to 11 mph, and is capable of performing stunts with pinpoint precision and accuracy. Another nifty feature is the constant comparison of photos of the ground, 16 seconds apart, to determine the speed of the quad. The device automatically detects when the quadcopter is airborne and starts the engines automatically, ensuring a quick stabilisation.

All of these features, coupled with a 1GB internal flash memory for quick photos, make this an excellent example of a high performing mini drone.

Hubsan X4 H107D Mini Drone

Hubsan X4 H107D mini drone

The Husban X4 H107D Quadcopter offers a live video screen camera and many enticing features to make this a good example of a drone.

One of the most important features of the H107D model is the 0.3 MP camera that allows for video recordings up to 100 feet away, with a 640 x 480 video output. The drone is equipped with first-person view (FPV), which is an impressive feat considering its size. It uses a 5.8 GHz transmitter to show a real-time feed of the camera's view, providing an immersive level of flying. Furthermore, a high powered charger and 7 minutes of battery life means that you'll never be back on the ground for long.

The quad is durable, being able to take the brunt of most impacts with little to no damage. Weighing in at less than 40 grams, it's also highly manoeuvrable. A 4 way flip allows it to go left, right, forward and backward, and the drone also has the latest 6 axis flight-control system, with an adjustable gyro sensitivity meaning you have a stable, secure flight.

The H107D Quadcopter is an efficient machine that offers a good FPV flying experience, and is a definite must have for enthusiasts.

CX-10WD-TX Cheerson Edition Mini Drone

 CX-10WD-TX Cheerson Edition mini drone

The CX-10WD-TX Cheerson Edition Remote Control Quadcopter is an excellent piece of technology that makes for easy take off and landing and offers a simple yet elegant design.

The drone comes equipped with a 4 channel transmitter; this allows it to fly sideward to the left and right, as well as rotate to the left and right, in addition to the four basic options which are ascending, descending, forwards and backwards. It is considered an adaptable and flexible system with both the included transmitter and mobile devices being able to control the drone.

A 6-axis gyro system makes this quad easy to operate, and gives you a stable flying experience. For both visual effect and safety, the Quadcopter is equipped with multi-coloured LED lights, meaning that night time flying is both beautiful to look at, while allowing for tracking its location effectively without fear of losing it. As well as this, the model has a high-density air pressure sensor attached that enables it to precisely maintain height, and allows for a precise operating experience.

With only 30 minutes charging time required, and being less than five inches in length and height, this is a fantastic example of an efficient Quadcopter

Ctronics Quadcopter Drone With HD Camera


The F2C Aviax Quadcopter is a powerful and compact drone that delivers high end performance and a wide range of excellent features.

The Quadcopter features a 6-axis gyro system for a stable, secure flight complimented by tight controls that are intuitive and responsive. The 4GB memory card means that you can use the 2.0M camera to begin photographing your flights immediately. With an impressive flying time of 8 - 10 minutes, you'll never be grounded for long.

Weighing about an ounce, and being small and dynamic, the drone offers amazing aerial capability, with stunts and tricks being easy to implement and impressive to watch, there's something for everyone to master.

The fact that the Quadcopter is controlled via a controller as opposed to an app is a good feature, as it allows for more precise controls and a more responsive system. The quad is durable and sturdy, being able to take multiple hits with little damage, proving it to be a well made and high quality product.

With all these positive selling points, and the ability this drone has to compete with larger models, it's clear that this is a high quality Quadcopter that's sure to be great for everybody


FQ777 FQ10A WIFI FPV Drone

The FQ10A drone takes its position ahead of other competitors because of its higher resolution camera and other impressive features.

First of all, there is a WIFI enabled 2MP FPV camera that is mounted on the aircraft, to transmit the live video to the user in 720p, which gives the Quadcopter an overall shaper image resolution, as well as improved picture and video quality. Furthermore, the design features a 6-axis gyro system, which allows for improved flight capability and a balanced and secure flight.

The Quadcopter also has 2.4GHz anti fall interference technology, which enables several quadcopters to fly close together without interfering with each other. The 6-Axis gyroscope was adopted for strong stability, allowing for superior control with stronger wind resistance and ease of access. The drone has 7 minutes of battery life available and takes just over an hour to fully recharge meaning you're never stuck on the ground for very long. Also, the quad features "Altitude Hold Mode", which allows the Quadcopter to maintain a constant altitude while giving you full control over yaw, pitch and roll as normal.

With all these features, it's clear to see this is a marvellous example of a Quadcopter.

ELFIE Pocket Selfie Drone

ELFIE Pocket Selfie Drone

The JJRC H37 ELFIE Pocket Selfie Drone is a good example of high quality and portable technology, designed to be taken anywhere.

The quadcopter is equipped with a Wi-Fi enabled First-Person View Camera (FPV), which is mounted to the device allowing for live video to be transmitted to the user. Furthermore, the advanced barometer installed in the drone allows for more stable heights and maintaining altitude, meaning you can control the pitch, roll and yaw as normal. And, as an additional feature, the quad has a special "headless mode", where the device can be flown without knowing the direction.

Another bonus is the easy way in which the drone can be activated, operating under a "one key" concept. Pressing one key will make the quad take off or land, allowing for easy flight and landing to ensure a smooth experience. The quadcopter has a 0.3 MP camera for photos and videos, and a 6-axis gyro system for improved performance. Charging is a simple thing to do with the USB cable included, allowing the drone to be charged via computer.

All these assets and the overall quality of the Quadcopter mean that this is an excellent example of modern drone technology.

H8 Mini RC Quadcopter

H8 Mini Rc Quadcopter Review

The H8 Mini RC Quadcopter is a stylistic and functional mini drone that offers many desirable features.

The 6-axle gyro system allows for a stable, secure flight with tight, responsive controls. There is an impressive LED system which makes for peace of mind during nighttime flying, as the quad is easily tracked and recovered if lost. The model is lightweight and durable, being able to whether most impacts with little critical damage, and has air time of 6 minutes on average.

It works on a "one key" basis, which allows for the drone to automatically return to the user if needed with the press of a single button, and is capable of tricks and stunts, including a full 360 degree loop in the air. The Quadcopter includes a speed ratio to limit the speed, being able to toggle up to 40% of the maximum velocity for beginners and 100% for those who've mastered the control system. A more advanced control system allows for a sensitive and responsive system that doesn't lose capability with distance, which is good for long range flights.

Overall, this drone is a good, reliable device, and is perfect for beginner pilots, but still appeals to all.

SKEYE Nano Drone With Camera

SKEYE Nano Drone with Camera

The SKEYE Nano Drone is a compact and high performing device, with some great features to entice a buyer.

A 6-axis gyroscope allows for a higher degree of control than a 4-axis gyro system, and responsive and intuitive controls provide a stable flight that gives you full command at all times. The drone comes ready to use, straight out of the box, and boasts a 300,000 pixel camera with an included micro SD card, so you can start taking photographs immediately, with the photos accessible seconds after the quad lands. The device also features video capability.

Built in sensors mean that the drone recognises when it's airborne, so it will come to life if you toss it into the air from your hand, ready to be manoeuvred. The Quadcopter is compact, measuring 4 x 4 cm, but that size hides a precise and efficient quad that can compete with larger models with ease. The drone is adaptable, being able to be flown both indoors and outdoors, so the weather is not an issue.

With all these features available, it's clear to see that this is a compact yet high level drone, suitable for use by a wide audience.

Hubsan X4 H107L Mini Quadcopter

Hubsan X4 H107L RC Quadcopter

The Hubsan H170L RTF Quadcopter is a great example of modern micro drone capabilities, with a lot of useful features that make this worth purchasing.

Boasting the latest 6-axis flight control system with adjustable gyro sensitivity, allows the quad to manoeuvre with ease. The tight, responsive control system means you can pilot the drone with an eventual practised skill and mastery. A 4 way flip of left, right, forward and backward means that you get a stable and versatile flying experience every time. The smaller size of the model allows for setting down in places where larger models might not, as well as being able to negotiate places bigger drones would struggle with, allowing for an increase in areas you can explore. The drone works extremely well both indoors and outdoors, and also has 9 minutes of flight time, so you can do plenty of flying before that half hour recharge period.

The drone is designed to be durable, and size isn't an indication of strength in this case, as the quad will survive most impacts. This is a prime example of good, high quality Quadcopter technology, and would make a perfect gift for someone or as a personal purchase.

Makibes Micro Drone

Makibes JJRC H3 Micro quadcopter

A fantastic little mini drone that travels to distances of up to 80 metres from the remote control, although like any flying device it wise not to stretch it to its limits and 50 metres would leave the pilot with a safer flight. The Makibes drone comes equippes with a 2.p mega pixel camera, has a battery life of up to 8 minutes and can fly in windy conditions as well as the best micro drones available. It is recommended to use a high class SD card for recording purposes to ensure all footage is recorded correctly.

Best Mini Drones
  • Best Mini Drones


All of the reviewed mini drones are very capable UAV’s which will meet and exceed most people’s expectations. The level of control and durability of these devices that come in such a small package have surprised many.

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