The Best Racing Drones UK For Sale

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Best Racing Drones For Sale
  • Best Racing Drones UK For Sale


The best racing drones for sale reviewed.

Racing drones for sale in the UK have advanced significantly with sleek frames of carbon fiber which are lighter and stonger than their predecessors. Faster speeds and longer flight times can now be achieved through better motors and batteries. Other accessories like improved FPV systems have also advanced the racing drone as has the growing community of quadcopter enthusiasts who have taken up the hobby and are competing in races around the world. Racing quadcopters are built for speed but also for adoptability to allow for modifications which will be needed to fine tune and improve performance. Below are some of the best racing drones for sale.

TBS Vendetta Racing Drone

HobbyKing TBS Vendetta 240 Racing QuadWhen it comes to high-end drones, the guys from DJI have a serious competitor to watch out for. Team Black Sheep are coming on strong and are poised to break new ground in this niche by creating one of the top racing drones for sale on the market. The TBS Vendetta is already considered by many experts the most reliable and fastest drone available.

The TBS Vendetta racing drone is stirring the interest of mass media moguls and professional drone racers alike, who feel like their moment has finally arrived.

What Does Vendetta Bring new to the Table?

With a vast experience in the aerodynamics industry, the engineers from Team Black Sheep have managed to create an awesome racing quad that surpasses all expectations. TBS Vendetta features a moulded carbon fiber body and is equipped with modular electronics and quick swap arms.

Thanks to its unique design and high-class components, the Vendetta will be much easier to repair out in the open. TBS Vendetta Racing DroneThe custom-made carbon fiber design features 3.5 mm thick plates that are fully chamfered in order to prevent delamination. This drone is also high impact resistant, being an excellent choice for speed drivers who lack experience.

The design of this speedy drone is simply exceptional, featuring a hand molded body and a 4-axis CNC machine that improves the speed and boosts manoeuvrability. Vendetta is also a very smart choice for experienced drone pilots who want to win more competitions and take advantage of the most advanced aerodynamic system ever to be implemented in a drone.

Under the Hood

The Cobra CM2204 motors combined with the F3 board make the Vendetta extremely fast. This drone is fully compatible with CORE Pro OSD, which makes it easier to set up without the need of any computer. You can personalize your racing drone according to your own needs and can even upgrade it with a stronger power system.

Using it

To make things easier for the users, the specialists from TBS have pre-configured this drone, making it ready-to-fly. After you take it out of the box, simply run the calibration procedure and in a few minutes you will have your drone in the air ready to be tested. You will notice that flying the TBS Vendetta Racing Drone is quite easy for a device of such advanced design.





 The AGM Nighthawk Quadcopter
racing drones for sale_

The AGM Nighthawk Quadcopter is a racing drone with a 3k Carbon fiber frame kit and Black Nylon stainless steel fastners. This drone kit is made for racing and weight in at 129g.  It is a great piece of kit, can fly fast and can be used by those with or without any quadcopter flying experience.




Walkera Racing Drone 250 

walkera 250 racing drone


This extemely fast quadcopter travels at around 35/40km/ and is easy to re-assemble and disassemble which makesmodifications quicker between races or flying sessions. The walkera 250 is very sturdy with carbon fiber frame and weighs around 530g.It comes equipped with an 800TVL HD Camera.






RTF Quadcopter Racing Drone Frame

drone racing quadcopter


This ultra light racing quadcopter comes mostly assembled with the exception of the battery and the propellers which are easily attached. It is extermely fast and responsive and can be controlled from up to 700 metres way and travels at speed of up to 40km/h. It is compatible with most common drone accessories on the market.






The main difference betweeen a drone made for racing and most other standard ready to fly quadcopters like a GoPro drone or the smaller micro and mini drones you can buy online is that most of the other drones available are bigger, heavier, cannot travel at the same speeds and have less flexibility when it comes to tuning or modifying them. If you are looking to get involved in racing or just want a quicker quad then it is advised to either buy one of the ready made drones above or something similar or build you own drone with a frame and the required accessories.

There has been many who have commented on the looks of the racing drones compared to others like the Parrot Bebop with it’s slick design and the DJI Phantom that looks a lot more professional. However enthusiasts who have been in the hobby will tell you that looks do not matter a lot when you are flying around a race course at 40km/h, navgating obstacles and your competitors. The other main reason for the lack of a pretty casing on many devices is that you will want quick access to all the components to make any required changes or mods quickly during a race.

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