The DCH-330 Quadcopter Drone

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The DCH-330 Quadcopter Drone lets you see beautiful sights with its in-built HD video camera. The drone is a great bargain especially in light of its excellent features, specifications and capabilities. The 2 Mega Pixel camera in this remote controlled drone takes high clarity photos and videos and stream them in 720P & 30fps quality. The Quadcopter’s 6-axis flight system (with gyro) coupled with the drone’s great stability in air and wind resistance, makes the drone easy to control when flying it in outdoor spaces. The best thing about the DCH-330 Quadcopter Drone is that it is both an expert’s and learner’s drone. This is because the switchable 2 speed control in the drone makes it possible to vary its speed (either fast or slow) depending on your expertise.

Measuring 34cm X 33cm X 5.5cm, the drone’s compact size makes it possible for the drone to have a high flight time of 6-9 minutes of uninterrupted flying time. The quadcopter is powered by a rechargeable battery with a one hour charging time. Other additional features in the drone include an LED screen, 2.4GHZ digital control technology and 360 degree flip function capability.



The DCH-330 Drone
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