The DJI Inspire 1 Drone – Everything You Need To know

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DJI Inspire 1 Drone Review


Advanced Technology

The DJI Inspire 1 Drone may be the most advanced tech boast by DJI. It is an easy to use drone that will enable you to capture and create like nothing else. This machine can be remotely flown by virtually anyone and it is a very powerful ready to fly system. It is the drone of choice for commercial drone usuage by professionals in the photography and film making industries.

DJI Inspire 1 Camera

This commercial drone is equipped with a camera and weighs in at about six and a half pounds and is a foot and a half wide. This device is not a toy but equipment for professionals. The camera equipped is the new Micro four thirds from Zenmuse. It is equipped with anf/1.7 lens and15mm in size, a DJI brand that is capable of capturing hi-def. image features and 4k videos of crystal clear quality. This machine is packaged in an all in one box and is able to fly after some minor put together.

This device was released in the year before and is equipped with a fixed lens 12mp f/2.8 20mm camera. This camera DJI-Inspire-1-droneis capable of recording video of a 4K quality. This camera system is also equipped with a Sony RMOR one and a half inch sensor. The standard capabilities of operations for this unit haven’t changed with the camera system and the features it owns may include an ascension height of 15,000 feet, it has speeds at 50 mph and surely not least its ability to fly temperatures below zero degrees.





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This device is like holding a piece of the future in your hands. Although much heavier than a toy this device has a very light weight design making it a tad powerful and very flexible while still being very stable. This is the most complete and advance package by DJI. This is a very simple and ready to fly piece of machinery equipped with the latest aerial tech.

The design of the mini craft looks like a device that you would likely to find in the layer of a villain. It has the look of an attack fighter jet aided by the aerodynamic design. The housing for the device is completely white in color. The rotors are held to the body of the craft by carbon rods, two of them. The four rotors have to be in good working condition for the craft to fly. This is no toy as explained before but it does look a lot like one. In flight the rotors are lift from obstruction the view of the drone camera that will give you a 360 degree unrestricted view.


At the base of the housing, the Zenmuse camera system sits equipped with the DDJI 15mm f/1.7 lens. There is a switch that is a toggle on the controller that controls the up and down motion of the rotors. It is also very fascinating to watch.

DJI Inspire 1 ControllerYou will need to check the pre-flight list before putting the craft in the air. The remote controller has a white and silver color and has to charge to full capacity before use. The splashes of grey on the remote controller and the toggle switch to control the landing gear installed makes it distinct from the phantom controls it so resembles. You can connect your smart device to the mini chopper and you will be able to see what the drone is recording.

The DJI Inspire 1 Drone has a connection problem caused by iOS9 devices software. It will connect to a Samsung smartphone but it might give you some problems connecting to the iPad and iPhone devices.





Power Source

There are two options of power source available for this drone for sale. There is a small 4500mAh the will provide 18 minutes air time and a bigger 5700mAh battery that will provide 22 minutes of air time. For your convenience there are four indicating lights sitting atop the pack that will let the pilot know when they need charging.

The Zenmuse camera,the X5, is mounted on this device and it is equipped with Micro Four Thirds that are DJI Inspire 1 Camera Droneinterchangeable. It also has a 16Mp sensor that will capture hi-def. 4K videos. There is af/1.7 lens 15mm big that is a DJI prime brand. This lens has the capability of swapping out this lens for different ones that also compatible such as the12mmM.Zuiko, the 15mm MFT and the 15mm Panasonic.

Stabilization System

This device is very stable when in flight and it all thanks to the stabilization system. This stabilization system has a high quality magnesium alloy interior and this design has been developing for industrial purposes. On windy days you will be able to operate this device without worry for instability.

There is another focus control unit available that will allow a second person the option in helping you to operate the device. It makes it possible for one person to fly the mini chopper while the other person will work the camera. In this way the control of the device is much easier and the quality of the captured recording will be at a higher quality.

This drone will most likely be purchased by professionals and hence will purchase the dual controller system. It is easy to use and may surprise you with is quality and capabilities. It is a lot more stable in windy conditions in comparison to many of its competitors. The GPS mode may be a bit lacking and would be more efficient with stronger GPS signals.

The stability of the craft no longer relies on GPS technology. The new DJI positioning system will provide stable tracking. Even if the craft is indoors stable tracking will be provided. This unit requires a lot of air space to operate without the chance of being damaged or destroyed so it is recommended to not use this unit indoors.

This is a very professional tool that will offer you the experience you seek. The feature and design will certainly meet your needs of flying your uk drone. Not a very inexpensive device but you will get your money’s worth from the purchase as it is one of the best drones for sale. A great device but for anyone seeking a device for recreational purposes should maybe look in the direction of the phantom series.


The DJI Inspire 1 Drone - Everything You Need To know
  • The DJI Inspire 1 Drone - Everything You Need To know

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