The SIMTOO Foldable & Portable Follow ME Drone

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SIMTOO Foldable
  • SIMTOO Foldable

SIMTOO Foldable & Portable Follow ME DroneBe the envy of your friends with the all new SIMTOO Follow ME Drone.

After much waiting you can now purchase a Follow ME drone that does eactly what it says it can do.
The Simtoo Follow Me drones comes complete with a GPS Smart Watch Control which makes flying from your wrist a real possibility.  The Follow Me drone enables Auto Follow shooting and all around circular shooting so you can record every moment of your trip and it autonomously follows the GPS Tracker Band with a camera facing to the tracker at all times.  This means that whilst you are wearing the Tracker Band, the Simtoo will follow and record your every movement. The buttons on the Smart Watch can change the position of the drone, adjust the angle of the gimbal and start other smart flight modes. However, if you prefer, the Simtoo can be controlled with a traditional 2.4G joystick transmitter for more advanced flying which allows the drone to hit insane speeds of upto 44mph is advanced mode.

With the world’s first foldable carbon fibre arms allowing the Follow ME drone to fit all parts in one small hardshell carry case. Assembly requires just a few minutes and no tools it all snaps together and locks into place very easily and quickly.

It has a compact frame which is lightweight so it is no longer a burden to carry a cumbersome 400mm quadcopter on the tour with you.

SIMTOO Foldable & Portable DroneBreakthrough innovation of RC watch control. Intelligent flight modes such as auto-take off and auto-return home can be all commanded with clicks on the watch buttons. No pilot experience required. Simply direct Follow ME where to go via the watch. Free your hands and let the drone automatically fly in the path you demand.

With GPS built-in the watch, Follow ME drone autonomously follows you wherever you go. Just leave it behind while you are running or riding. The aircraft will sense your orientation, turn the camera to you at all times and capture every movement. Max 20 m/s fly speed via the watch makes Follow Me the ultimate tracker for fast & furious sports videography and not at break the bank prices.

The SIMTOO Drone can be purchased from Toys R Us stores and online. It can also be bought on Amazon.




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