Turn your hobby into a profession with DroneBase

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Since its inception, DroneBase has been focused on connecting drone pilots to great opportunities and changing ‘drone pilot’ into a true profession. DroneBase founder, CEO, and first pilot, Dan Burton, flew the company’s inaugural mission in January of 2015. Since then, the DroneBase network of pilots has grown across the U.S. and in over 30 other countries where many missions are flown every day. In January 2017, DroneBase Pilot Michael K. flew Mission #10000 outside of Boston, MA.

DroneBase is operating at a scale much larger than any other comparable company and gives droners opportunities to make money flying commercially in a variety of industries. Some of their clients include top real estate firms (commercial and residential), construction companies, insurance agencies, and telecom enterprises. Zillow, Keller Williams, JLL, Allstate, and Coldwell Banker are just a few examples. These companies now rely on DroneBase and their pilots for the aerial imagery and data needs that are critical to the success of their respective businesses. With the rate at which the company is growing and missions occurring every day across the country, DroneBase is helping to make drone pilot a profession.

What’s more, DroneBase is the first (and still the only) drone company to pay their Pilot network over $1,000,000 to date.  Funded by leading investors and DJI, the world’s largest manufacturer of drones, the company is poised to continue expanding and pay even more to their pilots. Client missions, often with detailed shot lists and specific instructions, are given to the more experienced pilots due to their professional nature and high attention to detail needed. These missions are also the highest paying and many pilots are making a living by shooting missions such as these. Recognizing a need for more pilots to have more opportunities to fly their drones, DroneBase introduced new Pano Missions to their platform in November of 2016, opening the doors to many more drone pilots.

With the addition of Pano Missions to the DroneBase Pilot Dashboard and Pilot App, there are now commercial drone activities within driving (or sometimes walking) distance of every pilot across the U.S. (and soon internationally). These missions are simple, only take about 15 minutes to complete, and require no editing from the pilot. DroneBase provides straight-forward instructions and their platform makes it easy to upload assets and move on to the next mission. DroneBase is now starting to offer more creative missions to their pilots as well, like this holiday video made in partnership with DJI shot by DroneBase pilots from all over the globe.

DroneBase isn’t slowing down anytime soon, so whether you’re interested in flying as a full-time professional drone pilot, making some extra money on the side doing something you love, or just looking for more ways to keep your drone flying, their platform is a great place to get started. Learn more about DroneBase here, or if you’re ready to join their Pilot network now, click here to sign up and click here to download their iOS App. Happy flying!

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