UDI U845 UFO Drone

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The  UDI U845 is an excellent choice for first-time drone buyers and avid drone filmmakers alike. It features a top of the line camera for capturing stunning pictures, and comes with a number of UDI U845 UFO Droneuseful features to make your flying experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

The U845 ‘s built-in camera records 720p high definition photos and videos that wouldn’t look out of place in a professional setting. These can be live streamed to your tablet or smartphone (as long as it runs an iOS or Android operating system) through the quadcopter’s built in wifi connectivity.

The UDI U845 drone also comes with a 4GB Micro SD memory card as standard. This gives you enough storage space to capture plenty of footage, and the card can be slotted directly into most modern laptops for an easy editing process.

FPV DroneTo make the most of the high quality camera you can enjoy a completely immersive viewing experience with First Person Viewing through your mobile device. And if you want to take things one step further, you can buy a VR Box separately. This VR Split Mode gives you a true to life first person view of the whole flight experience, cutting out your surroundings and putting your head up in the clouds!

The UDI U845 also features a handy Gravity Induction Mode. This lets you fly the quadcopter forwards, backwards, left or right (but not up or down) simply by tilting your mobile phone in the corresponding direction. There’s no need to touch your screen at all – although the feature-packed udirc-FPV app also makes it easy to control your drone in this way.

Aside from easy flying, the app is generally a pleasure to use. There’s a clear and simple interface that is easy to navigate, and as we’ve already mentioned you can view through your drone’s camera in real time via the built-in wifi connectivity. You’ll also be able to adjust your video settings in just a few taps, as well as choosing the storage location for your photos and videos. And all of this from your fingertips.

Away from the app, the quadcopter itself is a pleasure to fly. It’s easy to operate and comes with a cool 360 degree Drone controlled by appEversion feature. This lets you perform full flips and rolls by simply pushing a button – an easy way to impress your friends and family. However, as this drone weighs only 1.4 pounds you should be careful while flying. It is advised that you don’t push the throttle all the way down, instead being sensitive while in flight. And as with all quadcopters, make sure you only fly in wide-open spaces without obstructions to avoid any costly accidents!

The  UDI U845 also features something called Headless mode. This has developed to allow the drone to continue flying even when the fuselage direction can’t be recognised, continuing the flight even when things go wrong. However, one downside is that the model doesn’t include a ‘return home’ feature (where you press one button and the drone returns to the GPS coordinates from which it first took off.

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UDI U845 UFO Drone
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