Who Make The Best Drones?

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best drone manufacturersDrones were previously exclusively used by the military and were manufactured in secret by each country’s top tech developers. It was inconceivable many years ago that consumer electronics manufacturers would be producing remote control drones to be used by the general public. As in any industry some companies make abetter products than others and it is no different in the UAV market.

Although the industry is still in its infancy there are five main manufacturers that have stood out as leaders in the field. Below I will give a brief overview of these companies to help you choose a trusted brand that will help get your drone hobby off to a flying start. Some are renowned for making their uav’s for speed while others are the most capable in their field for aerial photography due their high powered cameras and advanced stability controls.

Various models of drones are aimed at different markets. Some of the entry level models are tailored towards newcomers to the sport and those looking to try out these flying gadgets without too much of an initial investment. At the other end of the spectrum are high end drones that are used in movies for videography to capture footage in seconds that would have previously taken a lot longer and been more expensive using a variety of additional equipment.


A European manufacturer producing their products in the French capital Paris Parrot have steadily built a reputation for advanced production of wires drones tech and their recent flagship model, the Parrot Bebop has been a massive success. Another of its latest models the Parrot AR Elite has been one of the fastest selling drones in recent years and has received rave reviews from users and critics alike.

Henri Seydoux founded Parrot in 1994 and has grown it into one of the best known brands in Europe. They are also great at marketing their products with creative adverts video adverts and outstanding drone generated photos used in their marketing material.


Many of the most popular and well known drones have been made by the Walkera Drones brand. They are one of the highest selling brands with major retailers like Amazon for certain models like the Walkera Scout X4 and the QRX800. Producing out of China in Guangzhou city their name comes from the saying “Walking In Era And Towing The Trend”. All of the components including the FPV systems, gimbals, remote controls, transmitters and accessories are  all made by Walkera themselves. They are a trusted company and one I would happily recommend.


Maker of probably the most well-known and bestselling DJI Phantom drone model series, DJI are leaders in the drone manufacturing field and located in China’s technology capital Shenzhen. Most people who use drones for commercial purposes would consider a top spec model from DJI. They are considered pioneers and have offices in most continents. DJI pride themselves on pushing the boundaries of drone development and improving existing systems for a better end user experience. The latest DJI Phantom III is considered the best drone for sale by many and is a combination of the latest technology and creativity combined with years of user feedback. There is not much more I can say about them other than they are the goliaths’ uav world.



Marcel Strassle founded Syma in 1961 with a vision to become one of the best technology companies in the world. They have certainly achieved that in the drone manufacturing world. Producing both consumer and commercial uav’s they have some of the best known models on the market like the Syma X5, X6 and the RC1 X1 quadcopter.


Considered one of the new kids on the block HUBSAN have been in uav manufacturing since 2010. Some of its successes include the X4 brushless and the Nano X4. HUBSAN are tireless in investing in research and development and aim to offer consumers the best drone technology available. I have no doubt that if they continue growing at the same pace they will soon be rivalling the big boys in the industry very soon.


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